July 7, 2017

Learn the Basics of Startup Funding

When you are a small company like the Los Angeles ORM team, you can sometimes struggle to get some startup funding. It is important to know the basic lingo of funding so when someone discusses this with you, you aren’t a noob and clueless as to what they are saying. Starting at incorporation When you are incorporated, this means that you will authorize shares and issue shares. Authorized is the

Every Startup has Problems, Even Yours

For a startup like the removing complaints from Google company, it is important to listen and educate yourself at all times to be sure you are up to date with everything going on. It is important to know that every startup has problems, even your own startup. You need to understand that there will be problems in the course of any new business but at the beginning, this is where

Export worthy Products from China

The import and export business could be quite tricky. Even if a certain company has the capability to export their product this would not automatically mean that they would be able to. First of all, before any importation or exportation of products could occur any country involved should be open to the idea and are willing to give a fair deal. The problem with importation and exportation of goods especially