August 2017

Five commercial gadgets for your kitchen

The world of cooking has gone seriously high tech over the last couple of decades and there are all sorts of traditionally laboratory-based techniques and gadgets making their way into the catering industry. Here are five gadgets that you might want to consider. Image Credit Smoke Guns If you want to create that Michelin starred smoked effect to your food or drink, then this is the gadget for you. Smoking

The importance of avoiding duplicate content

Duplicate content can be a millstone around the neck of a website that prevents it from achieving the search rank it deserves. Here is a quick look at the main reasons that this problem needs to be avoided. Image Credit Avoiding Plagiarism Google’s algorithms are designed to catalogue and assess the content of all sites and rank them according to their quality and value. Uniqueness is an important factor in

Common ways to use silicone sealant

Silicone is known for being ideal as a home sealant, protecting your home from air leaks and reducing energy bills. This is a form of adhesive which is made from silicon and oxygen atoms, which means it is also waterproof. Due to its hard wearing nature, it is also resistant to cracking while still maintaining excellent flexibility. Read on for some common ways to use this versatile sealant. Image Credit

Firearms officers wear body video cameras in West Yorkshire

Following the shooting of a man by armed police on a Yorkshire motorway slip road in January this year, it has been confirmed that West Yorkshire firearms officers will be issued with body cameras. Image Credit Fatal incident not recorded on camera Yassar Yaqub, who was 28, is believed to have been a passenger in an Audi A4 that had been followed by four unmarked police cars on its journey

4 great treatments for football injuries

As with all great sports, players of the Beautiful Game will often incur injuries. From sprains to impact injuries, no matter how experienced you are, chances are you’ll find yourself injured at some point or other. Once this has happened, you’ll need to know the best ways to manage this injury so you can speedily recuperate, recover, and return to playing. Image Credit 1 Rest and relaxation The first point

David Letterman to return to our TV screens

After stepping down from the hugely popular CBS Late Show, David Letterman has been without a permanent spot. But now the TV star is preparing to make a return in a Netflix show. Image Credit The comedian and broadcaster will star in a six episode series. Each hour will be a long-form interview between a guest and David, and there will also be segments that see him exploring the world.

Bath rugby player puts Thai orphans through their paces

Rugby players are known for their incredible size, but it seems like some of them have big, soft hearts too. Jonathan Joseph is proof of this, as he recently spent part of his holiday teaching orphans in Thailand how to play rugby! Image Credit After his exploits with the British and Irish Lions in New Zealand, Jonathan headed over to Thailand, where he did his bit to spread Rugby Union’s

What are robo-advisors and how are they authorised?

Robo-advisors have become a big part of online investment, but many people have never even heard of robo-advisors. Image Credit The name ‘robo-advisors’ first started being used in the US, and it was used to describe technology that can be used as an online investment management service. The term is now used all across the world, and robo-advisors are more popular than ever. But why are they so popular? The

What Makes a Great Emergency Repair Team

Today more businesses than ever rely on their own power generators, or they have a backup generator to allow them to continue their work in emergency conditions where other electricity supplies have failed. Places like hospitals, municipal buildings, police stations and other vital infrastructure all maintain emergency generators, while some businesses choose to use them full-time, for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason for use, however, not one

Concrete Driveway - Blend of Beauty, Durability, Low Maintenance & Quality Appearance

Today it is common to locate home owners selecting driveways that are created in concrete to get their homes.  It is incredible substance that allows you to construct a concrete driveway that is a blend of durability, beauty and quality apart from low maintenance expenses.  You are spoilt for choice as landscaping contractors provide to construct your concrete driveways in a number of colours, patterns and texture giving your spaces