August 30, 2017

Five commercial gadgets for your kitchen

The world of cooking has gone seriously high tech over the last couple of decades and there are all sorts of traditionally laboratory-based techniques and gadgets making their way into the catering industry. Here are five gadgets that you might want to consider. Image Credit Smoke Guns If you want to create that Michelin starred smoked effect to your food or drink, then this is the gadget for you. Smoking

The importance of avoiding duplicate content

Duplicate content can be a millstone around the neck of a website that prevents it from achieving the search rank it deserves. Here is a quick look at the main reasons that this problem needs to be avoided. Image Credit Avoiding Plagiarism Google’s algorithms are designed to catalogue and assess the content of all sites and rank them according to their quality and value. Uniqueness is an important factor in

Common ways to use silicone sealant

Silicone is known for being ideal as a home sealant, protecting your home from air leaks and reducing energy bills. This is a form of adhesive which is made from silicon and oxygen atoms, which means it is also waterproof. Due to its hard wearing nature, it is also resistant to cracking while still maintaining excellent flexibility. Read on for some common ways to use this versatile sealant. Image Credit