5 Reasons Crowdfunding Works Better Than Your Donation Portal

5 Reasons Crowdfunding Works Better Than Your Donation Portal

Crowdfunding isn’t just a funding solution. It is a revolution, one that has enabled the common man to make a larger-than-life impact on his community, his loved ones and has empowered him to make a difference in the social sector.

The major industries targeted in India are nonprofits and healthcare, two that have always been in dire need of funding, given the country’s ever expanding population. A single crowdfunding India platform like Impact Guru alone has seen crores of rupees making countless nonprofits projects a reality and saving thousands of patients from succumbing to diseases like cancer and organ failure. Moreover, the industry also supports personal causes, usually aimed at education or self-employment.

And yet, any crowdfunding platform, especially one that is based in a country of people who are always suspicious like India, will agree that they are asked one question far more frequently than any other. Campaigners and donors are curious to know: “Why crowdfund at all; why can’t funds simply be sent to my bank account instead?” Here are five reasons why:

Keep your bank details private

Not only is asking someone to transfer to your bank account a bit shady and unappealing, but it is also unsafe to let your details out to strangers, or even distant contacts for that matter. Besides, making a transfer is a tedious procedure no donor is willing to do. Crowdfunding platforms let donors make quick donations and their contributions are recognized on the page as well.

A visible goal is established

The reality is that crowdfunding is not only a more attractive option than asking donors to transfer their donations to your bank account, but it has proven to be more efficient than the donation portal you provide on your website as well. Crowdfunding India platforms constantly see nonprofits and charity foundations with an active donation portal on their websites create campaigns to raise funds for their projects. This is majorly because a donation portal simply accepts a donation and shows no goal amount or progress at all. A fundraiser page is designed to display your goal, how far along you are and create more excitement and visibility.

The chance at virality

Your fundraiser gives you the ease of sharing your story quickly straight from the page so you can plan and execute a social media strategy smoothly. Coupled with the space to tell a powerful story with imagery, your cause has the perfect opportunity to “go viral” and reach a large audience of potential donors.

Specialized features to encourage donations

A crowdfunding India platform like Impact Guru has a full team working behind it constantly to help you easily find more donors, something your donation portal will lack. Features like the support fundraiser, the social media sharing buttons and the update option are angled at helping you reach more donors. Moreover, the platform will aid you in promoting your campaign if you need them to, via social media advertising, video appeals and so on.

The chance to engage with more stranger donors

Crowdfunding provides you with the opportunities to interact and build relationships with donors, something a donation platform won’t provide. You can offer rewards like shout-outs, thank you notes, small handmade gifts, free tickets to an event, and more to your donors on your fundraiser page.