9 Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets

9 Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets

Pets are like humans too. They get tired, hungry and sick as well. Hence, as you have already decided to take on the challenge of taking care of them, it is your job to ensure they are healthy and don’t carries diseases that can bring harm to your health as well.2

Listed below are 9 diseases you can get from your pets as per North Ryde Veterinary Clinic.

1.    Rabies

This is one of the most common diseases that humans get from being bitten by a pet that is a carrier of the said virus. This can be quite fatal as it is capable of affecting one’s nervous system and can even be a cause of death for us humans.


Ringworm is contagious and it would not be impossible for a pet to pass it on to their owner, especially as even without a host, it is capable of surviving for a few months, which is about enough time for a pet to be able to acquire a fungal infection.

3.Lyme Disease

This disease can be transmitted through ticks. Once this disease has infected you, then you are likely to suffer from joint pain, headache and fever. It is also capable of affecting one’s mental state if left untreated for a long period of time. Thus, you really need to know the signs of paralysis tick or else, it will be too late for you to protect yourself and your family.


With it causing blood loss to pets, this is truly capable of threatening one’s life. Hence, if your pet has this, then his feces are likely to contain it’s eggs and once you have made a direct contact with it, then you are likely to have it as well.2


While some people think that one can only acquire it from the urine of rats, which is not the case for even the urine of pets can also contain bacteria that may lead to this disease. What makes this worrisome is that no sign shows on the infected animals.


This is a waterborne disease, which means that it can live in different bodies of water. So, if you live near streams, expect that you would be more prone to it. The symptoms of this disease are the same for both pets and humans, which is diarrhea.


The symptoms of this disease are the same as that of flu and it is capable of infecting a fetus. So, pregnant woman should be more careful in acquiring the said disease from their pet, specifically in contacting with their pet’s feces.


Baby critters can be found in different pets including dogs, cats, birds and even rabbits. This disease also causes diarrhea and so, if your pets has a diarrhea, better avoid holding, hugging and kissing them for long period of time.


Birds are the common carriers of this disease and they can transmit it to humans as well through the inhalation of an infected bird’s dried secretion. Dry cough and headache are common symptoms of it.

Knowing the diseases you can get from your pets is important in order for you to protect yourself against it.