A definitive guide to web trends 2016

A definitive guide to web trends 2016


If there is one thing that is true about website designing, is that it’s always evolving. In the previous four years, website design industry has seen a dramatic growth of over 65%. The rise is mainly because of the increased internet usage among youth and business professionals fueled by the smart phones and mobile apps. Responsive website design technique is another technology that have aided website designing companies in producing websites that are both visually aesthetic and feature rich. Today almost 95% business operating around the globe have their websites that are built on responsive web technology to aid browsing experience of both kinds of customer; those who do it on desktop computers and also those who do it from their smart phones.

Although website designing and development saw a constant growth over the years, the trends that prevailed within the industry kept changing with changing times. Here are few web trends that are looked forward in the year of 2016:

UI patterns

Since the entire design fraternity will is following the same trends every year, the probable issue that will rise is the similar looks of websites. in order to tackle this issue web developer propagated some UI patterns with which websites will look different.

  •         The hamburger menu: While some criticize this pattern’s use, there’s no doubt that it’s widespread use makes the function easily recognizable for users.
  •         Account registration: You’ll find this pattern whenever you try to register for a site. There might be a form to fill out or a button that’ll allow you to use a social account to sign up.
  •         Long scroll: Placing all your important elements above the fold is now a well-known myth. Furthermore, almost everyone is accustomed to long scrolls thanks to mobile devices. The technique works especially well for sites that want to lure users through storytelling, and you can still mimic a multi-page site by breaking the scroll into clear sections.
  •         Card Layouts: Pioneered by Pinterest, cards are everywhere on the web because they present information in bite-sized chunks perfect for scanning.
  •         Animations: Being used more and more to enhance the storytelling capabilities of any website. Animations not only make your website look good but increases their engagement capabilities by folds.

Inclusion of material design

Material designing is the new style language pioneered by Google, in 2015. It is the in-thin that is being followed by a myriad of website design companies in Dubai these days as this technique provide shadow effects and concept of depth to the website design.

So these are the few design trends that are being predicted for this year. Let’s see how this year unfolds in terms of evolution of the website design industry.