A Side of Crimean War That Has Been Neglected in the World History for Long

A Side of Crimean War That Has Been Neglected in the World History for Long

There has been a lot of criticisms regarding the every historical event that takes place, and that is what keeps the History alive even in the present. Every single continent has a history of its own, and that helps in keeping the culture of the place alive. History is not what is recorded in the pages of the books, but one that keeps traveling the mouth of all the natives of the place even after centuries. History mixes with the culture of the place and helps in developing the place into a culturally who place.

Crimean War is one such event in the history of Europe, which has not only the cultural importance but also shapes up and helps in building the nation. In spite of all the criticisms, the importance of Crimean war cannot be ignored under any circumstances. Rather than the direct consequences of the war, the indirect consequences had a far reaching significance which needs to be upheld. Orlando Figes, who is considered to be an authority on the historical representation of the continent, has come up with some interesting facts about the Crimean War, which will open up the significance to many at broad daylight.

Those who keep a close watch at the diplomatic and international affairs of Italy and Germany, they will find that it is sole because of the Crimean War, these two countries came closer with time. Most of the renowned diplomats who have always tried to give Italy the prominence on the global map have found out that Italy would never build up as a nation until and unless Austria is being driven out of it. A foreign help was necessary to carry out the process and in order to gain it, Italy turned out to be an ally of the Germans during the Crimean war. The Treaty of Paris records this historical evidence and marks the beginning of a new nation.

Even some of the historians like Orlando Figes believe that it was the event of Crimean War which marked the beginning of a new era in the European history. During the war, it was very closely observed that the Metternich system actually collapsed and could no longer stand the test of time. Not just Italy, even the internal political situation of Russia was highly affected due to the Crimean War. The defeat in the war was a mighty blow on their face, as they were considered to be the strongest side when compared to the army and modern artillery that they had in the war.

Russia has always had an autocratic government, and this defeat actually compelled them to consider the weaknesses that they had within and work on it. There were demands at large put forward to the Government regarding the reformation of multiple policies, and according to many, the Crimean war turned up to be a watershed in the European history. Never before Britain and France was seen to be on the same sides of the battle until Crimean war made it happen. So one could easily determine how important the Crimean war was in the scope of world history, and why it fairly demands criticism even after centuries has gone by.