Amusing Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Amusing Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing dark clouds in the sky with heavy rain! You instantly think that it is going to be a boring day at home, especially if you are off or if it is a Saturday. But have you ever thought that there can be various fun things to do on such a day? Below are some great ideas.

How About a Treasure Hunt?

Have you ever tried to play treasure hunt at home? It is so much fun! Especially if you have a large family, including youngsters. Start by creating a set of clues in which one will lead to another, until they discover the treasure. Place them in envelopes marked with clue numbers that will help them to keep track of the hints.

The treasure could be anything, ranging from a movie DVD, cash to chocolate! If you have a large house, there can be so many spots where you can hide it. Let your imagination guide you for that. Participants will have to walk or run around the house to discover it. Split your family members into small teams that will work together to solve the clues and find the treasure. The hunt can last for hours but no one gets bored!

Play online games

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Invent No-prop Games

Use your creativity to come up with games for which you do not need any props. Some of them can be riddles, quizzes, one-word stories, scary tales or improvised poetry. For the one-word story game, start with the opening phrase “Once upon a time…” and ask each participant one by one to add a word to the story.

You can decide what type of story it will be from the start or simply watch how it evolves in a funny way as the words are added! Similarly, with improvised poetry, one person says a line and the next adds another one. As this continues, you can come up with a great poem! If you like spooky tales, each one can share a real scary story which they experienced in the past or a scary nightmare.

Bake Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Feeling the need to snack? Make your day interesting by baking chocolate-chip cookies! Look up the variety of cookies you can make in your favourite cookery books or simply on the internet. Once done, have them with a glass of milk or fresh from the oven. They can be either thin but crispy, thick and moist or soft with crisp edges.

Imagine the delight when you enjoy these delicious cookies! They will definitely make you forget all about the rainstorm. If you or your family members love other types of cookies, not to worry as they can also be baked with other ingredients like: fruit jams, peanut butter, cinnamon, pecan nuts, lemons, raisins or oatmeal. The kitchen is a place where you can always improvise!

Improvise Your Own Film Festival

Gather all the classic hit movies you can think of! Mix them with some of the new ones too. Make sure they are your favourites or you may feel bored while watching. Some movies you can pick are Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, The Godfather, Alien movie series, Ghost or Pretty Woman.

Do you have a favourite movie star? How about choosing only his/her movies? For example, if your favourite actor is Johnny Depp, line up some movies like: Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you enjoy movies starring Meg Ryan for instance, pick When Harry Met Sally, City of Angels or You’ve Got Mail. Settle down with a bowl of popcorn, together with snacks and fizzy drinks to enjoy your favourite films!

Plan a Holiday

How about planning a holiday? Imagine a mountain escape or lovely beaches! Share the tasks, creating a game out of it. Assign them to different people in the household. Start by choosing a destination with the help of a world map. One person can research how to go there, where to stay or which activities one can indulge into.

Once it is decided, another person can make a budget to plan the expenses. Use the internet to look for the best flights, airlines and special offers. Search for the best spots where you and your family can enjoy a great stay, delicious food and other fun activities, such as visiting parks and museums. In this way, you can come up with plans for your next family vacation or learn more about the chosen destination.

Thus, it is possible to turn a rainy day into a great one when you have fun activities to keep you and your family busy. So, no need to worry if it rains outside, you can still have fun in so many ways!