Attention Attorneys: In-House Counsel Can Be a Lucrative Position

Attention Attorneys: In-House Counsel Can Be a Lucrative Position

When you’re an attorney you are faced with long hours and no set schedule. If you are tired of having no time to do anything, you can look for a position of in-house counsel. As in-house counsel you will be working for a business that will need your help with various legal issues. You can also expect to have a more solid schedule and the work you will do will be focused on the business you work for, rather than in several areas of the legal system. If this sounds like a good position for you, consider getting a position with Outside GC where they provide in-house counsel to various businesses.

What it takes to Become In-house Counsel

First, in order to become in-house counsel you will have to be a lawyer first. Most companies will want someone who is experienced with the law and tend to choose lawyers that have had time invested in their career. This should not deter you if you are a new attorney as not all companies follow that as a guideline. To be successful you will want to be familiar with various areas of business law as this will help you make difficult decisions regarding the business. Some of the important areas of business you will want to be familiar with include; contracts, labor and employment, litigation, and privacy issues to name a few. Specialization is not required, but you should make it a priority to know everything about the business you work for. While you will likely be making less money than you would working at a firm, you can better manage your time and meet deadlines.

Becoming a Successful In-House Counsel

When deciding on the right business to work for, you shouldn’t choose based on your thoughts that this company will become a large successful one. You should find a person to mentor you as this can help you move further in your career. Also, you should be a mentor to the business you work for. Make your presence vital. This means that you should know all about the goals of the company so you can help them make the right decisions regarding the future of the business. Help the business to become aware of any potentially risky endeavors so they are not making decisions that could hurt the business.  Form relationships with those you work for and around. This can benefit you in many ways should you leave one company to look for other work. These relationships can lead you to your next opportunity to further your career.

Becoming in-house counsel is not difficult to achieve if you are a lawyer. It can allow you to take a step back from the long nights and endless work and permit you the opportunity to focus on specific subjects. Many lawyers get to a point where they would like to work in a steady environment where they can feel like their decisions are making a difference for the people they work for. They can help the company they advise to move forward with their goals and become successful in what they are working to achieve.

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