Bath rugby player puts Thai orphans through their paces

Bath rugby player puts Thai orphans through their paces

Rugby players are known for their incredible size, but it seems like some of them have big, soft hearts too. Jonathan Joseph is proof of this, as he recently spent part of his holiday teaching orphans in Thailand how to play rugby!

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After his exploits with the British and Irish Lions in New Zealand, Jonathan headed over to Thailand, where he did his bit to spread Rugby Union’s reach and bring joy to some kids at the same time.

A fun day out

In addition to spending the day at the orphanage, Jonathan also presented the caregivers with signed kit that had been donated. The Bath and England centre then put the kids through their paces, and many laughs were had by all.

The children at the Barnhem Muang Mai orphanage in Phuket absolutely loved having him there, and although they knew little to nothing about rugby, they had fun and learnt a few things too!

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Jonathan taught the kids a rugby drill or two, much like you’d find at, and got them all playing a mock game. The kids loved it, and although the game was completely new to them, they soon got the idea and were passing the ball and tackling each other with glee.

Bringing joy to a good cause

Barnhem Muang Mai was originally set up to aid the victims of the terrible 2004 tsunami that wiped out whole families and villages bordering the Indian Ocean. Today, the orphanage is home to a large number of children who have lost one or both of their parents, or who find themselves in need of care for some reason.

Jonathan said that the visit to the orphanage had been incredibly special and that the warm welcome the children gave him had really touched him. He was thrilled that he could leave them with some new ball skills, and also with some kit, and that he hoped that he’d brightened up their day.

Many sportsmen are involved in similar philanthropic activities, and for Jonathan, this will certainly not just be a one off. In photos of the day, he is seen beaming from ear to ear, and the smiles on the children’s faces are also testament to how much fun was had- even if up until then, they had no idea what rugby was!