Best Tips That Can Help You Make Your First Feature Film Efficiently

Best Tips That Can Help You Make Your First Feature Film Efficiently

Film making can be both difficult and overwhelming experience. It is something that you do with complete passion. Someone who is making a feature film, especially the first time puts all his/her creativity in it.  You get the privilege to work with some really talented people and you get to discover so many new things.

The whole journey is very thrilling as you continue to visualize your work. At the end when you are finally over with all the minutest details checked, you can see that your brain child has developed in the way you had wanted. The film starts with your vision but ultimately it is up to the audience to connect to what you are trying to project.

The best tip you can ever get from any professional is to feel what you are doing

No matter what you are doing you should always be super excited about your work. As a director, not just direction but everything else that comes with it should also excite you. For example the work of the actor, the editing part, music, props, designs, sets etc. The whole experience is to indulge in everything that happens to the movie from the scratch till the end.Image result for Best Tips That Can Help You Make Your First Feature Film Efficiently

You should also try and figure out what your key frames are. Generally as a director, there are too many ideas that you want to implement abut not all of them find place on the screen. That is why you should note down your favorite frames and this will help you in long run. You can learn more about filming at

Understand your film’s spine and work in coordination

It is the small things that matter the most and it is these things that you should take care of from the very beginning. Also, when you are working as a director in a feature film you are expected to coordinate with different people. So many people means so many ideas and that would require massive coordination. Sometimes, the ideas may collide, which can lead to heated argument.

It is important for the director to keep calm in all these situations and act as a wiser person. As a director you should learn to resolve matters rather than ignite them. You should also help your actors relate with their characters. This can happen better if the directors organize a workshop before the shop. The workshop helps the cast and crew to get to know each other better. It helps to understand and rehearse the script.

As an efficient director you should also try to carry along some toys that you can use as dummy objects to check the camera settings. It would also help to identify the position from where the tracking shot has to be taken. Rather than regretting in the end, its better to be extra prepared for every single scene. Before the camera starts to roll you should sit with the script and analyze everything that they need, before the action starts.