Bike Riding Safety Tips for Children

Bike Riding Safety Tips for Children

If you notice, the number of children who go to school on bicycles has radically decreased. This is because parents are now worried about the traffic conditions, which surely pose a threat to their child’s life.

This is the reason why it is vital to know about balance bike reviews so that you can teach your child about important safety rules and things to remember when they are riding a bike. Children have the right to enjoy their freedom and it is our duty as parents and elders to keep them cautious and aware of following the road safety rules.

Riding a bike is fun and a healthy way for children and elders too, to stay fit. It makes a child feel quite independent. However, you need to make your child understand that this is not a toy, it is a vehicle! This is why it is vital to follow a few very important road safety tips while they are riding a bike or cycle on the road. In several states, bicycles are considered to be vehicles and hence they have the very same responsibilities and rights which are to be followed by motorists.

Know how to ride a bicycle

Before you start to use a bicycle, know that it is all set and ready for a ride. Ensure that all the parts are in proper working condition. Hence, it is one’s duty to make sure that all the parts are in proper working condition.

Properly fitted helmets are mandatory

You need to protect your head, bran and your life. This is why wear helmets that fit you just right.

Adjust the bike so that you fit in properly

In case you are using a road bike, you and the bar or the top tube should have about one or two inches distance. In case of a mountain bicycle, the distance to be maintained should be about three to four inches. The seat must have level front to back. Make sure that the seat has a slight bend towards the knee when you are completely extending your knee. The height of the handlebar must be of the same height with the seat.

Equipment check

Get the tires inflated well and ensure that the brakes are working properly.

See and ensure that you are being seen too

Be it a bright day or a dusky or foul weather, or if you are riding at night, you have to make sure that others on the road can also see you. Avoid wearing white because it will not make you quite much visible. In fact, it will be good to wear colors that are bright in color or even fluorescent or neon would be bright enough for others to see you during any part of day or night. Having something that will reflect light or having flashing lights or reflective tape attached to your bike will always be an add-on. Only because you can see the driver on the other side, does not mean they can notice you too.

Controlling your bike

Always ensure that you have one hand on the handlebars. If you are carrying any item then it is always advised to secure it at the carrier or carry it in your backpack.

Always stay aware of road hazards

Stay alert and look out for road hazards like gravel, puddles, holes, glasses or even dogs. If you are riding with your friend, stay alert and do not keep talking or chatting while ding.

Always avoid riding at night

It’s always dangerous to ride a bicycle at night than day time as it gets tougher for the other rider on the road to notice you on a bicycle. However if you have to, wear something that would make you visible and you could be seen by others. Always ensure you have reflectors and have proper lights attached even on the tyres. This would make it convenient for others to notice you quickly. More so, your life is important and you need to make sure you ride safe all the time