Brief about Greenfield legacy cinema shows

Brief about Greenfield legacy cinema shows

Legacy Cinema is a nine screens movie theatre entertaining the society in & around Greenfield, Indiana. As a great family entertainment service for the locality, Legacy cinema innovation LCI- 98 is an inventive subject that blooms out in recent period. The main goal is to achieve a level three in screening movies in the theatre.

Chosen cinemas

Legacy Cinema always chooses out the cinemas that not only entertain people but also would inspire them heartily, such list is the banners. Though there might be difference in change of show timings and ticket prices, that happen purely because of theatre convenience but they do keep in mind about the audience too indeed.Image result for Brief about Greenfield legacy cinema shows

What now?

Legacy Cinema Innovation LCI – 98 as the term literally defines the inventive concept of taking cinema to a level next from current position. Through publishing of newsletters, smart phone app, and digital banners legacy cinema seeks the attention of audience on current running movies and upcoming next movies on the screens beautifully. On the list of movies now: Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, The Girl on the Train, Masterminds, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Deepwater Horizon, The Magnificent Seven, Storks and Sully.

The upcoming film list is that: The Birth of a Nation, The Girl on the Train, Desierto, and Kevin Heart: What Now, Max Steel, the Accountant, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and et al.

Legacy cinema’s brand

Legacy cinema for its dedicated and customer centric service stands centre among the audiences’ heart for years. Moreover adding feathers to its theatre crown, social media channels help Legacy Cinema to go towards the audience in handy say for, Facebook, newsletters, gift cards, onscreen advertising, fundraising events, QR and scanner codes from website links et al. Knowing popularly across in & around regions, legacy cinema’s brand has reputed stamp.

Book shows

Legacy cinema updates its website regularly for which the audience can book the shows as on their own interest and even can print out the tickets right from the landing page itself. Though ticket prices and show times are actually subject to change now or then without a prior intimation, it would not literally affect the audience greatly. You can also reach out legacy cinema hotline number to book your show at one single call.

Ticket pricing

There are nine multiplex screens, in which there are two different show timings. They are of: Matinees and Evening shows.

Matinee shows would be before 6 pm and all the tickets range from 6 dollars and 8.50 dollars for 3D show tickets.

Evening shows are at 6 pm and after 6 pm. Tickets price range as 8.50 dollars for adults, 6.50 for children and 6.50 dollars for senior citizens. For 3D show tickets, 11 dollars for adults, 9 dollars for children and senior citizens.

On a survey study, Legacy Cinema is one of the leading cinema theatres in Greenfield, Indiana in terms of screening new movies at affordable ticket price with required facilities for the visiting audience.