What to Buy For the Stylish Man in Your Life?

What to Buy For the Stylish Man in Your Life?

In terms of glamor and grandeur in dressing, men are giving a nice competition to women these days. Those men who have always decided the fashion sense among men in this country, i.e., movie stars and cricketers have taken the subject of fashion quite seriously. And this is the reason why we see quite an upsurge in the beauty salon centers and wellness centers for men everywhere. If you are hunting the best gift for your husband who is the most fashionable guy you know, you may check the list below.

Sneakers: Puma, Woodland, Provogue, Lee Cooper, or New Balance would be a lovely choice of gift for your husband who loves to wear trendy sneakers. Of course, you have to give importance to his choice of material when it comes to selecting a sneaker. The best brands are always ready to woo you with their colors and comforts. So, choose well!

Headphone: If he has a fetish for style, he would see everything differently. He would not want to look bad when he is running in the morning with his headphones properly in its place. The headphone must be trendy, eye-catching, and should match with anything he wears. Bose would be a pretty expensive one but it would last a lifetime and the audibility it has would be loved by anyone.

Duffel Bag: For the short office trip, a duffel bag would be a perfect kind of gift for your husband. The prime objective of any bag is to house essential things. Once that objective is met, one has to look for the good material and great looks of a bag. Keeping all these factors in mind, you can have the War Bag from Beckel, Patagonia, Flowfold Stormproof, Everlane Twill Weekender, etc.

Hip Flask: You can never go wrong when you have selected a sleek and stylish hip flask for your husband. Keeping some amount of booze ready in car and having a few sips while returning form work is ok. And having a hip flask is not only about the drinking habit one has, it is also about the demeanor with which one drinks. Aspinal, Asprey, Aston Martin, Ettinger, etc. are some of the names you may search.

Wooden Sunglasses: Sunglass made out of wood would be a unique choice of gift for your husband. If you have planned for a tropical vacation this anniversary, this gift would be more meaningful. Considering the fact that he is a stylish man who loves to experiment with his looks day in and day out, this one would be well-appreciated. John Jacobs, Wood Works, or ray Ban is some of the brands to check out.