CDN for gaming servers


Gaming industry has been growing at a very faster rate. With the innovated technology and demands of the gamers, this industry has changed its platform from local system based games to online gaming world. Now day’s online gaming is popular as it gathers greatest gamers from all around the world. But online gaming comes with a lot of requirements. CDN for game servers is also one of them. CDN servers are necessary for any gaming company which deals in online gaming. Some of the important reasons why a CDN is used in gaming are mentioned below.

  • CDN servers are made available from one geographic location to another geographic location so that all the data and content must be delivered from the host to the client in least possible time. This is done to reduce the response time between the sender and the receiver.Image result for CDN for gaming servers
  • CDN also reduces the unnecessary traffic from coming towards the main server. The longer the data retrieval route is the more time it will consume in making the content available to the client. The updates on the game will be reached very late to the gamers. Also the game will not work efficiently as there is a lot of traffic coming from the host server.
  • CDN servers act as substitute servers which are connected directly from the host server. Whenever a client request a file the nearest present substitute server will respond to the request of the client and will provide him with the desired updates on game and data. This allows the main server to work properly and efficiently with no or least amount of load or traffic on it.
  • CDN servers also provide protection to main server from getting damaged or malfunction by virus or by some hackers. If any such malpractice is done only the substitute server gets damaged while the main host server is left unaffected.