David Letterman to return to our TV screens

David Letterman to return to our TV screens

After stepping down from the hugely popular CBS Late Show, David Letterman has been without a permanent spot. But now the TV star is preparing to make a return in a Netflix show.

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The comedian and broadcaster will star in a six episode series. Each hour will be a long-form interview between a guest and David, and there will also be segments that see him exploring the world.

A passion for TV

After David left the Late Show in 2015, he says people kept asking him what he wanted to do. The problem was, he says, he had already done what he wanted! However, with the as yet untitled new series, David says that he is again doing what he wants, and the timing is just right for this stage of his life.

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After a 33 year tenure as the Late Show host, David said he was done, but Netflix seems to have made him an offer he can’t refuse. During his time on the Late Show, the 70-year-old broke all the boundaries set by his predecessors and his acerbic wit and cockeyed style made him a favourite.

One thing David has said is that his new show won’t mirror his late night spot and that he is bringing something new and a little different to the table now.

A chatterbox at large

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David has said that the new show doesn’t limit him time wise and that, as per usual, he will be coming from a position of ignorance, so he will ask a million questions of whoever he interviews. When questioned on who he wants on his new show, David says he has written a list of people who would be hard to talk to, and start with them.

David has also said that he is keeping his newly grown beard for the new series and joked that he had grown it to cover botched plastic surgery and that shaving it off would make him hideous. To us, he sounds just the same, and the new show should be very entertaining!