Dianabol Steroid Is A Well Suited Performance Enhancer

Dianabol Steroid Is A Well Suited Performance Enhancer

Half a century ago a strong and effective anabolic steroid called ‘Dianabol’ was formulated. Dr. John Zeilger developed it with an aim to provide US Olympic team an advantage against athletes using injectable testosterone.

Since then D’bol has been preferred by athletes for different purposes. Body builders prefer this steroid because of the dramatic increase in strength and size.

How Dianabol works?

D’bol is extremely anabolic and relatively androgenic in nature. It affects the androgen receptors, so it is capable to stimulate the process of glycogenolysis and protein synthesis much better than other steroids.

Dianabol increases the ability of your muscles to sustain nitrogen, which enhances both muscle strength and size. Therefore bodybuilders find Dianabol suitable for bulking. Athletes find it helpful, during competitions because it allows them to hold up to the intense training sessions along with cutting calories.

Molecular alteration is essential

Dianabol is altered chemically in a specific way, so you can take it orally. In this way, it survives the passage through liver and reaches bloodstream without getting affected by hepatic metabolism. So, Dianabol is regarded as 17-alpha-alkylated anabolic steroid.

Without this alteration D’bol would get affected by the liver in a large way leaving a fraction intact. The amount entering the bloodstream would be so little or you can say it would be of no use. Molecular change allows D’bol steroid to remain active in your body but a little disadvantages get accompanied, if not used appropriately. The 17th alteration creates hepatotoxic steroid, which can damage your liver, if used irresponsibly.

Use it as recommended

Safe dosages, as recommended can avoid hepatic injury and any kind of increased liver enzyme will get back to normal, as soon as you discontinue using Dianabol pills. You can add Milk Thistle extract to alleviate the issue of liver toxicity.

Dianabol inhibits the production of natural testosterone. So to avoid uma terapia de reposigco de testosterone (A testosterone replacement therapy) many wisely blend testosterone with Steroids.

Effective for cutting cycles

D’bol is an oral steroid, which acts fast. It has short half life (5 to 6 hours). Due to its rapidity majority of users take the dosage for several weeks in the start of steroid cycle and attain a good kick start. Several users prefer to add in their routine to break plateaus (slow down of size and strength). Veteran bodybuilders use D’bol to leverage steroid cycle and later bust a plateau.

Maximum Dianabol dosage

For male athletes initial dosage of 20 mg per day is minimum requirement for visible results. This is appropriate for beginners because they can monitor the effects of this steroid on their personal physiology. Experienced and bold users take 100 mg daily, which is generally safe but the product has to be in its pure form.