Different purposes of Gas and Diesel Generators

Different purposes of Gas and Diesel Generators

There’s much more to generators than you could’ve possibly envisaged. Needless to say, the range of generators available from Powerfind International is extensive; they have a complete range of new and used generators which operate using different fuel.

The collection of generators is immense, you can guarantee you’ll be spoilt for choice! However, you needn’t worry because the team at Powerfind International are always on hand to provide you with any help and advice that you may require, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them today!

So, what is a diesel generator?

A diesel generator has the purpose of generating electricity using an alternator. A diesel generator is used to supply electrical energy to homes, often seen as an alternative source of utility power.

The 60 KVA Iveco Diesel Generator set is just one of the used diesel generators that Powerfind provide. This particular generator will be serviced and tested before it’s sent out to you, ensuring it offers maximum functionality and reliability!

How is this different to a gas generator?

OK, so a diesel generator, whether it’s a used diesel generator or a new one, is used to generate electricity, whereas the gas generator is manufactured to drive turbines and produce large quantities of gas. Both the diesel generator and the gas generator perform exceptionally under pressure, it’s simply a matter of which suits your requirements best!

Why a diesel generator?

In comparison to the gas generator, the diesel generator is ideal for heavy duty applications and because of this, it’s considered to be the most reliable generator on the Powerfind market.

In terms of efficiency, you can count on a used diesel generator to offer reliability and to ensure excellent value for money.

Even a used diesel generator will be easy to maintain, it adopts a rugged design and needs less maintenance than the gas generators.

A diesel generator isn’t for everyone so why not consider the gas generator? Not only are they cheaper, they’re also more affordable.

What makes the used gas generator so desirable?

Any gas generator will generate energy that’s clean, therefore, it’s the best option if you want to reduce the number of emissions polluting the environment.

As well as this, the gas generator is one of the least expensive generators on offer at Powerfind International!  In fact, out of all renewable energy sources, only coal is cheaper- so choosing a used gas generator is bound to save you pounds.

What about Powerfind International’s 6000 kW Wartsila 18V34 used gas generator? It’s easy to control and is guaranteed to save you money and time!

What’s the difference?

The most favourable generator that Powerfind supply is the gas generator. There’s no odours, no downtime and no mess- what more could you want? Having said this, the gas generator is considered to be relatively temperamental but is much quieter than the diesel generator.

The diesel generator is often the most preferred generator for applications that require quality control and those which need a reliable solution.

If you’d like to browse a wide selection of gas and diesel generators, Powerfind International are always on hand to help, why not use the link below to arrange a viewing?

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