Don’t Simplify The Trip, Simplify The Planning

Don't Simplify The Trip, Simplify The Planning

A family trip is a great experience if everything is planned correctly. Getting all the details squared away before you head out is the difference between a trip you’ll never forget and one that you wish you could forget.

Every trip has three major parts: What you’re doing, where you’ll stay, and how you’ll get there. Each area needs to be figured out in advance to make sure you have the best chance at a successful trip, and the less of each one that you must build from the ground up, the easier it is to have a worry-free trip.

Of course, many people buy complete vacation packages like cruises that simply require you to pay up, show up, and load up. But many of us prefer some more independence with the itinerary that lets us choose some of the details ourselves. Popular stops like Williamsburg and Branson have countless smaller attractions that give you a lot of latitude on your schedule.

At the same time, we don’t want to just pull into town and start wandering around looking for fun. That’s why most of us choose some type of established vacation spot.

So let’s start our conversation on a custom-built vacation by examining your destination. Cities all around the US like Palm Springs, and San Diego, along with Cabo San Lucas and others just across the border, are loaded with activities for your family to do. No matter what you want to do together, your family can find it in one of these popular areas.

Now that we have you thinking destinations, we need to talk about lodging. This can be overwhelming because even small vacation towns can have an incredible number of hotels, chalets, cabins, inns, bed and breakfasts, and other places to stay. The best thing to do is to get some consistency. Figure out a way to stay with the same company wherever you go. This is particularly easy with a timeshare, as you can see on The Welk family of resorts gives you consistent quality, convenient booking, and easy access to the most popular destinations.

So how are you going to get there? We all have a lot of decisions to make here. Much of the choice is driven by how much local mobility you’ll need. If you just plan to relax at the resort and enjoy the amenities on-site, air travel is perfect. You fly in, get a taxi to the resort, and reverse the process at trip’s end.

But if you’re thinking about traveling in the local area, you’ll either need to rent a car or simply drive your own. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. If you’re coming from very far away, driving can waste a lot of your time. And if your car breaks down, you may not have as many options as you would with a rental company.

If the trip is closer to home, air travel may be wasteful. You might have to drive an hour or two to a larger airport, go through security, have a layover, make a connection, and only end up saving an hour or two of travel time–and still need a rental. Anything within two or three hundred miles of home is an easy choice to drive.

Sometimes getting there is part of the fun. For travelers who fight city traffic day in and day out without ever driving the open road, it might be nice to cross the Rockies or see the Mississippi Delta. Driving your own car lets you stop in at the roadside diners and quirky tourist stops, but you can also travel by train and make better time without sacrificing the view.

Vacations are a fiercely individual thing for people. What sounds like fun to one family can sound boring to another. The more freedom you give yourself to do what you want to do, the better the chance you’ll have a great trip.