Easy steps to clean and maintain a handgun!

Easy steps to clean and maintain a handgun!

Regular cleaning of handgun is as important as buying and using the device. In order to keep them functioning smoothly for a prolonged period of time along with maintaining firing safety, cleaning and inspecting handguns intermittently is a crucial step to follow. Remember, each time the trigger is pulled, good amount of sediment gets collected inside the barrel causing a breakdown of the device which at time could be life threatening as well. Follow the below steps to start cleaning guns effectively:

Always go for a pre-assembled cleaning kit: For someone who is new to handguns, a pre-assembled cleaning kit is ideal as it holds all the basic amenities like cleaning solvent, bore brush, lubricant, cleaning rod, patch holder, flashlight, cotton swabs and microfiber cloth inside the kit. If one visit Omaha Outdoors, there are plenty of cleaning and maintenance equipments available to choose from.

Ventilation: A nicely ventilated place is very important factor to consider while cleaning a gun. Use a proper worktable. Solvent fumes are harmful so avoid them cleaning indoors.

Unload right: Make sure to unload the round from chamber to barrel before one starts cleaning the gun. Keep in mind that removing the magazine might still stand a chance to fire accidentally as the round is ready inside. Therefore, look thoroughly inside and remove the round completely.

Dismantle the gun as per the recommendation of the manufacturer: Keep the manual of the manufacturer handy while cleaning the gun. Remember, semi-automatic pistols and rifles are safe to be disassembled unlike revolvers and shotguns.

Once the stripping is done, place a large cloth on the worktable and place the components side by side to avoid scratching. Make sure all the cleaning items present in the kit are laid out properly so that they remain handy. Select the right type of cleaning rod that goes with the firearm. Soak the cleaning pad at the mouth of the cleaning rod with solvent and insert the rod to clean the insides of the barrel back and forth and remove debris properly. Repeat it for twice but ensure to change the cleaning pad each time. Next, insert dry cleaning pad to remove excess solvent from the barrel and continue it until it gets absolutely dry. Finally, wipe the other parts of the gun with clean and dry cloth.

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