Ensuring you get only the best twin gear juicer

Ensuring you get only the best twin gear juicer

When you are in need of optimal yield from leafy vegetables like kale, then you should go for a twin gear juicer. However, the problem here is that not all these juicers are reliable and not all the reliable ones are meant for every purpose.

For starters, the dual auger juicers are a specific type of masticating juice extractors that come with a mechanism of dual gear. This feature enables the squeezing of more juice than the singular auger masticating juice extractors would usually get from leafy greens. To say it all, the dual auger juice extractors eject the driest pulp and give the highest yield that one would ever expect from a household-juicing machine. It is about that time that you check out a reliable dual auger juicers review to make sure you quit throwing money in the trash in the form of wet pulp.

The mechanism of dual gear

The above picture shows the twin gears of a dual auger juice extractor, the length through which produce travels along and get thoroughly squeezed to give a very dry pulp at the end. When compared to the mechanism of a single auger juicer, it is understood why they just cannot stand the performance of the twin gear juice extractors.

The ideal twin auger juice makers one can consider

Green Star GSE-5000 Elite Juice extractor

When you put the factors of quick cleaning, very high yield, swift preparation and a warranty that lasts long, this model encompasses them all. Considering the fact that the technology behind the twin auger juicers make them cost more than the single ones, this particular model still manages to cover performance and price.

Even in cases where some vegetables and fruits appear harder, one would just need to use the plunger to push them down the chute and there comes the yummy juice. The extracted juice can be stored cold for about three days without oxidation. Among all juice extractors in this category, the Green Star GSE-500 Elite model is the only one with a 12-year warranty. Of course, this gives quality performance coupled with a rest of mind.

Super Angel 5500 All Stainless Steel Juice extractor

This one is known for its attractive looks, maximum yield, lasting warranty, and unparalleled quality of build. It isn’t just called the juicers’ Rolls Royce for no reason. The anti-jamming system accompanying the self-adjusting control of this juicer explains why you have no problem in terms of overloading and when cleaning the machine. Just use the automatic function for reverse whenever jamming occurs. To ensure that the juice quality does not deteriorate, this juicer has its own automatic cooling system in case of overheating during work. What else could one worry about when a juicer with such amazing features comes with a 10-year warranty?

These are just a few of thetwin auger juicers that you can consider; there are more options that can be looked through when in search of the best twin gear juice extractor that money can buy.