Filing Personal Injury Claims in Australia

Filing Personal Injury Claims in Australia

Accidents can happen. Sometimes, negligence or malicious intent can cause you great harm. In these situations, you may feel like you don’t want the issue to disappear. If you have been mentally or physically harmed in a grievous matter, you have the right to file a legal claim for damages. Filing a personal injury claim in Australia is a serious matter. The legal terms process involved is often quite complicated, so these lawsuits can go on for years. If you are currently thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit in Australia, here are some things you should know:

Keep Records of Important Information

Your case will be very flimsy if it’s based entirely on your word. The defence will easily be able to dismiss your word as hearsay. So, it’s very important to have vital records at hand to prove your case. In case of a situation like an accident or a crime, you should file a police report right away. It can be used to your advantage in court. Remember that what you say to the police is admissible in the court. You may want to give clear answers to the cops to avoid a potentially devastating blow to your lawsuit later.

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Get the Best Legal Counsel You can Afford

It’s not advised to file a personal injury claim on your own unless you have a legal background. The laws involved can be quite confusing to outsiders. So, you will have to consult with the best lawyers in town. Before you file your lawsuit, you will need to get legal advice from personal injury compensation lawyers Sydney or elsewhere. A lawyer will have to go through your claim and tell you if it actual has enough evidence to be fought in court for. A lawyer will also tell you how much you should seek in damages. You should seek advice from at least two lawyers before hiring a lawyer for the case.

Insurance Companies Can Make Things Complicated

It certainly helps, and is sometimes necessary to keep records of all expenses related to personal injury claims with you. In certain cases, insurance companies may get involved. When this happens, filing a legal claim can become quite a complicated process. Insurance companies have their own lawyers, and these lawyers will definitely visit you when you decide to sue. A lawsuit can also make it complicated when an insurance company has to pay damages to another party. So, if you can avoid getting an insurance company involved, then that would be ideal. However, if it is inevitable, brace yourself for complicated situations.

Don’t Try to Settle Right Away

Some people try to settle cases before understanding what’s at stake. Most defence lawyers in personal injury cases push for settlements because they can seek advantageous terms unlike in a court. Settling can definitely expedite the process. However, don’t rush to settle. You may end up with a bad deal. Your lawyers will need time to assess if the deal presented is a good one. So, learn to be patient. Lawsuits of this nature will take time.

Also, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the legal process involved. Know the deadlines in advance for filing documents. If you miss a deadline, you may have to wait another year or not be able to file your lawsuit at all. So, go to your local government website and find out about the process of filing too.