Five of the Best Companies to Book Scuba Tours in Hawaii

Five of the Best Companies to Book Scuba Tours in Hawaii

Visiting the island of Hawaii is often a dream come true for many travelers. Its lush tropical forests, striking volcanoes, world class shopping, white-sand beaches and underwater paradise is enough to make any traveler drool. There is so much more to Hawaii than meets the eye. In fact, there is a completely breathtaking underwater universe to explore. That is why you must add scuba diving to your list of activities. Here are the five best companies for booking scuba diving tours in Hawaii.


This dive company is considered the cream of the crop. There are so many wonderful worlds to explore underwater. One of Hawaii’s top diving spots is Hanauma Bay. You’ll be enthralled by the friendly sea life swimming side-by-side with you. It is Oahu’s most famous nature preserve. LivingOceanScuba will arrange a tour whether you are certified or are a first time diver. They also offer turtle/reef two tank boat dive, which are guided by PADI Scuba instructors. Have you ever wanted to view a shipwreck? You can do that too. Plus, they also offer refresher dives. The good news is it’s easy to book a tour online with LivingOceanScuba.Image result for Five of the Best Companies to Book Scuba Tours in Hawaii

H20 Sports by Seabreeze

This dive company is located only minutes away from Hanauma at the Hawai’i Kai Shopping Center. You can participate in guided tours with certified divers at many of Hawaii’s most beautiful locations. Plus, you can do more than scuba diving. The company also offers parasailing, bumper boats, scuba diving and JETLEV flight experiences. You can’t miss out on the opportunity to see the beauty of Hawaii’s waters.

Ocean Joy Cruises

One of Hawaii’s most attractive sea creatures is the Pacific Green sea turtle. They are threatened creatures that can grow up to 400 pounds. With Ocean Joy Cruises, you can see these inspiring turtles up close and personal. If you prefer, you can even decide to snorkel. What’s so amazing about crystal blue waters is you feel as if you are in another world–and, you are. You almost get the sense that you are traveling back in time. You can visit Turtle Canyon off of Waikiki Beach. Although, it is only accessible by boat or kayak–which, is something Ocean Joy Cruises provides.

Ocean Legends

If you’re ready to become a sea explorer, then Ocean Legends might be the way to go. This company offers both technical diving and rebreather training. In addition, they offer activities for certified divers such as guided tours, renting equipment or purchasing equipment at their dive shop. They also have experts available for any diving questions you may have. If you think you’ve seen it all, spend a day underwater and you will change your mind.

Hawaii Water Sports Center

You’ve gone surfing, paddle boarding and jet skiing. These are all fun activities, but they are still above water. You have no idea of the jaw-dropping scenery living directly beneath you. It is truly, a whole new world. This is where Hawaii Water Sports Center can take you.

If you’ve never experienced scuba diving, Hawaii is the perfect place to get certified. In fact, you can get your certification in as little as three days. Don’t miss out. The sea world awaits you.