Get Proper Sleep with the Help of L-Theanine

Get Proper Sleep with the Help of L-Theanine

Insomnia has become a very commonly occurring problem of this generation and people of all ages are victims of this problem. The stress level of modern life is mainly responsible for this problem and therefore many people try to take different medications in order to get proper sleep.

There are many different medicines available for insomnia. However, nowadays many people prefer to take L-Theanine, which can also be found in green tea.

This medicine which is combining melatonin and L-theanine was discovered during 1949 and is quite well known in the market as anti anxiety supplement, which provides lot of relaxation. Medical practitioners consider this compound as a best strategy to induce good sleep, which not only provides relaxation to our mind, but our body as well.  Let us try to know about this medicine in little more detail.

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What causes sleep disorder?

According to statistics available with us almost 30 per cent of our population is suffering from Insomnia. Most of us must have experienced lack of sleep in our life, where we keep turning in our bed and feel restless during night. In the morning, we feel tired and inactive.

Stress is one of the reasons for sleep disorder. As our mind is lost in various thoughts, the brain gets various undesired signals and does not allow us to sleep. Therefore, with the help of L-Theanine we can reduce stress in our mind and are able to get proper sleep.

What does L-Theanine do?

This compound helps to cross our blood brain barrier and interacts with our various thoughts. As a result there is production of GABA, which helps our mind to become calm. Lots of researches have been done about GABA and how it helps us to get sleep.

In addition to that L-Theanine also can generate alpha waves in our brain, which also helps to generate various creative ideas in our mind. Alpha waves also exercises control on beta waves, which is responsible for keeping us awake.

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Benefits of L-Theanine

Following are benefits of L-Theanine

  • L-Theanine not only helps in inducing sleep, but also it can improve our quality of sleep.
  • After consuming this medicine your sleeping pattern improves in many ways.
  • Sleeping becomes much easier and faster
  • Duration of sleep also improves
  • It also helps in promoting dream for some people.
  • The waking process also becomes easy