How Going Back to the Traditional Farming and Livestock Management is Going to Benefit the World

How Going Back to the Traditional Farming and Livestock Management is Going to Benefit the World

When you eat out at a restaurant or if you have the habit of buying take away food from outlets, you do not get a chance to know many things about the ingredients. Even if you might find your way to a restaurant’s kitchen, you might not know the source of soy, or the corn or even the milk or other farm products that are in the kitchen. In fact, not many people around the world are stickler to finding out about the source of each of the vegetables and dairy or poultry products. They may not even know if the vegetables come from a farm that uses high dose of pesticides or hormones for the plants to increase its yield. But if you are someone as cautious as Geoffrey Morell from Weston A. Price Foundation who is also the co-owner of PA Bowen Farmstead then you are safe.

Use of pesticides on farms and their effects:

For many years, in the past, farmers and farm owners have made huge losses in farm produce due to the invasion on the crops by pests like rodents and locusts and other such insects. In fact, those farmers who have met losses of great numbers have found relief from those pests with pesticides. Here, one thing that farmers did not realize is that not just pests, the pesticides were strong enough to harm the nutritional value of the fruits and crops. This directly caused great impact on the health of the people who consumed them.

Another problem that farmers faced was excessive use of farmlands. They would be farming so much that the soil would soon become barren and this is not worthwhile too. The farm owners like Geoffrey Morell realized that in order to have sustainable farming, avoiding the use of these harmful pesticides would be a solution. Along with that, consuming fruits and vegetables that have zero chemicals in them helped them to retain their nutritional value. In fact, he has tried to follow this traditional method of consumption of original or traditional farm products. These farm products have their own goodness that is far better and does no harm to the body and mind.

Controlling the Livestock Grazing:

Farm owners with cattle might think of using farmlands for feeding livestock. But this is not worth the effort and this causes desertification too. In short, the farm owners with an aim to feed their animals well might try to overdo it. If the farmers consider consulting expert botanists and the scientists and devise a plan to help the pasture grow it would help. It would also help the land to become sustainable if the farmers just use the land part by part at a time to feed their livestock. This kind of cyclic process would give the land to get its deserving time to grow back and that too naturally with the aid of sun, air and water just as it should. Such kind of farming is making a comeback and it is by far, the best for the future generations to come too.