Good Preparation is Imperative for MBA Aspirants

mba in gurgaon

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree has soared in popularity in recent times owing to the high return on investment (ROI) and career advancement opportunities this degree offers.  MBA graduates from best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR or for that matter any other reputable business schools located elsewhere in the country are in high demand in both private and public sector organization.  Well-established business schools enjoy an impeccable reputation of developing high-class professionals fully capable of dealing with complex business problems in a highly globalised and dynamic business environment. Wherever you currently stand in your professional life, top MBA institutes in Delhi NCR conducted by an eminent management institute of the city has the potential to turbocharge your career by preparing you well for what is next.  Whether you are trying to advance your career, looking for new and better career opportunities, launching your career, or trying to change your job function and industry, MBA program of a reputable business school can come to your aid by combining distinctive courses, resources and experiences to maximize your return on investment.

An MBA degree on the other hand from a poor quality institute is an appalling waste of time and money. Inferior management schools lack the faculty, infrastructure and most importantly the desire to give you an education that prepares you well for responsible management position. It is the primary reason that students of these bottom-rung institutes find it extremely tough to find a stimulating and well-paying job for themselves that can justify their high investment in an MBA program.

However, it is very imperative to mention at the very outset that admission in a highly-rated business school is astoundingly arduous.  Admission to MBA programs of well-known business schools are generally a three stage process and a slight lapse at any stage invariably means that you have to start again from the bottom next time.  Majority of management schools in India generally accept scores of two most popular competitive management entrance tests—CAT and MAT. You have to do exceptionally well in your written exam to give yourself a chance of being called for the group discussion and personal interview round.

In recent years business schools have started using highly innovative approaches when it comes to personal interview to gauge a student’s ability and commitment to successfully complete an MBA program.  What it means is that you can be asked increasingly unconventional questions like ‘choose a song that best expresses yourself’ or are shown photographs and asked to pick up one that best resonates with the candidate.  However, there are some renowned business schools who still stick resolutely to the traditional way of conducting personal interviews. For example, a top of the line business school may ask ‘What do you hope to gain professionally from our MBA program?’ Another accomplished business school may ask candidates to detail post-MBA goals, explaining how their prior experience and the business school’s MBA will gel to advance their career prospects. Some of them ask very obvious and straightforward questions like, ‘Why Us?’ On the surface, these simple and straightforward questions that are also at the heart of many MBA interviews can be the most difficult to answer. You have to convince them that motives of your doing an MBA is genuine and their institute can help them realise their career goals and objectives.