HGH – How to Inject or Use it?

HGH – How to Inject or Use it?

Although taking HGH is not always recommended, yet people are willing to take this supplement, as it gives them immense muscle build up and other benefits.  However, it is suggested to take under supervised control.

Over dosage of HGH can lead to damage of body organs and can cause severe diseases. These products are still consumed outside UK with medical help.  HGH can be consumed in two ways. Either it can be injected or there are various HGH pills available which can help you. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of HGH pills over injections.



  • HGH injections are expensive and cannot be bought by everyone.
  • Injecting HGH is risky, as it should be injected at a particular place and only by the doctor.
  • If you inject a large quantity accidently than you have been prescribed, it can cause health problems.
  • The synthetic HGH will help in increasing the metabolism of protein and carbohydrates. However, the natural human hormone will stop functioning if the synthetic hormone is injected in heavier dosage.
  • HGH injections taken to increase your height do not promise immediate results. You have to take them for several years to start see in results. You need to shell out tons of money to be able to afford these injections for years.

These are the side effects of injecting higher dosage of HGH, now we will tell you about some advantages of consuming HGH pills over injecting HGH. Here they are:

  • HGH pills are way cheaper than HGH injections, so if a person with an ordinary salary is prescribed to take synthetic HGH, he can consume HGH pills to boost his hormones and build more muscles.
  • HGH pills do not contain any kind of risk unless the dosage is exceeded.

Some of the online stores do not contain pure HGH pills, thus, it is recommended that you buy the product from reputed sellers or brands.


How you should buy authentic HGH?

Since this supplement has potential benefits and can also harm you if you misuse it, you must buy it from a reputed and authorized retailer. You can buy it from online stores as well.


Although consuming or injecting HGH is one of the most dangerous things, if it is being prescribed by doctors, you should take HGH pills over injection. Over dosage of anything should be avoided and the same should be followed in case of HGH pills too to stop its side effects.