Home Break-ins – What you can do to prevent them!

Home Break-ins – What you can do to prevent them!

Home break-ins and burglary are still a prominent threat to homes across the country.

There has been a visible fall in the number of home intrusions and theft; there are still things that you need to do to make your home safer. Home security devices are increasingly common within homes in 2017 and will only become more popular.

There are many options for families when it comes to home security, ranging from traditional burglar alarms to modern home CCTV units; home CCTV is particularly effective in deterring potential intruders. In newer domestic closed circuit television systems, there are many different features that you, as the homeowner, may find useful, including:Image result for Home Break-ins – What you can do to prevent them!

  • Cloud Storage – In cases where the security footage and video recording become damaged, a cloud system is perfect add-on as they save all data remotely.
  • Multi-Year Recording Storage – The ability to look back in time is exceptionally useful when it comes to home security. Newer systems can save recording for multiple years.
  • Mobile accessibly – Have a young child or a vulnerable family member? New home CCTV systems allow for you to check in via your mobile phone or tablet wirelessly to make sure your loved ones are safe.

Window locks and catches are another way to prevent unwanted intrusion, physically limiting the small gap of opportunity for a petty thief. Security doors and garage doors are also commonly implemented as a security measure, electric garage doors are not only a method of easy entry, but provide a secure barricade between the hostile criminals and your family.

Homes that are seen to have window catches, CCTV systems or secure garage doors (such as insulated garage doors) are less likely to targeting by thieves.

There are many different companies that cater to the needs of families by providing security solutions.