How Condensation Can Affects Arms & Ammunition

How Condensation Can Affects Arms & Ammunition

Poor ventilation causes condensation and this leads to a number of issues. Some of the common symptoms of condensation are horrible smell, mold, fungal infestation and dust mites. Condensation is a nuisance to people and things. However, in certain places it needs to be controlled effectively to prevent further damage. For example, the defense forces have lots of arms and ammunition to store and if the area where they are stored is subject to condensation, metal corrosion and short circuits may take place.

The need to control condensation and maintain dry air – prevent short circuits & metal corrosion


The defense forces of the land take precaution to control humidity and condensation. They invest in dry air systems that soak up the excess moisture in the air. It is important for the arms and ammunition to be free from this moisture so that it is not affected badly. The defense forces spend a lot on arms and ammunition. When the time arises, they should work properly and not malfunction.

The defense forces of the land depend on reputed and esteemed suppliers of dry air systems in the land. Megabite Electronics is one such company that has been providing the defense forces of the land with top quality dry air systems since 1979. The Company also deals with electronic and communication devices. The experts here say that all the literary devices and the equipment supplied to the defense forces of the land have been quality tested and checked for high performance.

Advanced features and technology to combat condensation and humidity

The dry air systems that this company provides to the defense forces are sophisticated and made with advanced features and technology. The experts say that the degree of condensation has increased primarily due to the developments of double glazing and advanced insulation. The increase in heat brings with it the added moisture. This is the root cause for malfunction of arms, ammunition and other sensitive hardware. It is the need of the day to ensure that humidity and condensation do not create havoc when it comes to the storage of defense and military equipment.


This is the reason why the dry air systems that the Company provides have the advantages of temperature controls. Whenever there is an increase or a drop in the levels of moisture the temperature just needs to be adjusted. There is also an alert system that gives off an alarm. This alarm alerts guards and in the process the temperature of the room or area where they are stored is maintained. The process is like the workings of a refrigerator system. The excess moisture is sucked up and this creates reduction in moisture making the area dry.

If the moisture is controlled, the occurrences of mold and dust mites also reduce. They are potential health hazards say the experts from Megabite Electronics in the USA. They state that if the moisture is controlled and reduced, the arms and ammunition of the military will perform to their fullest capability as and when the need for combat arises!