How Does Endotherm Help Meet The Mees?

How Does Endotherm Help Meet The Mees?

THE MEES is introduced to people recently and it will be checked according to your EPC. EPC is known as the energy performance certificate. It is a piece of documentation that is required for a landlord in order to run business through their land. EPC is required because it has been the part of the law since 2008. The energy performance certificate indicates weather the property matches the modern standards of sustainable living or not. The EPC is based on a building’s emission of carbon dioxide. Ratings from A to G are given to buildings that emit least to most carbon dioxide, respectively. These are known as the minimum energy efficiency standards.


Since we all know that global warming is a serious condition, we had to come up with something that would help us prevent it. In addition to the many steps that have been taken to reduce the global warming, the minimum energy efficiency standards have been made part of the law. According to these standards any property in Wales and England that does not get a good rating will not be able to renew its lease. The property will not qualify for new lettings either.

The regulations will come in effect in 2018. So, by then people are asked to make sure that their buildings have, at least the rating of an E according to the MEES. Buildings having a rating of F or G shall be prohibited.

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Since the news came out, people are trying to do everything they can to make their property as energy efficient as they can. There are many things that they can do. There are steps that can be expensive too. But why not start with some of the simplest ones. One of the most energy consuming units of a building is the central heating system. If we could get that to work with the least consumption of energy, that would make a huge difference. For that we have been introduced with the Endotherm. It is a very amazing product. Adding this to your heating radiators can make a very huge difference.

How does it Work?

One of the best things about this product is that it is very simple. It is extremely easy to install and takes almost 90 seconds to do so. The fluid that is used is super conductive to heat. So, it makes it easier for the radiator to spread out the heat. It takes the radiator a lot less longer to distribute the heat all around. Since it takes a lot less time to do so, the energy required to do this job automatically lowers down, making the central heating system an energy sustainable unit.

When it comes to matching the latest requirements of the minimum energy efficiency standards, things can be a little tricky. They can be a little expensive too. But we can always start with the small steps. And what’s better when a small step like this helps you cover a mile. It is one of the best ideas for energy efficiency. Many people are using it and admiring it.