How is glass recycled?

How is glass recycled?

Many things today can be recycled, including the glass that you do not use any more. Sure, you can drop it on a landfill, but this is wasteful and harmful to the environment.

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Glass is too valuable to be discarded without another thought. This is because glass is a costly commodity that can be reused in numerous ways.

What actually happens to the glass when you put it in a bottle bin?

The glass recycling journey

The two most popular ways to dispose of glass are taking the glass to a bottle bank or enlisting the help of a collection service. One way to speed up the process is by dividing the bottles by colour (such as green, clear and brown), as this will happen further down the line if you don’t do it. This isn’t normally an option if you use a collection service, but if you take the bottles to a bank, you will be able to divide them.

Once the glasses have been collected, they will be brought to a glass recycling plant or a Materials Recycling Facility. There are a few different ways to recycle glass, but currently the most popular and most environmentally friendly option is melting the glasses down to create new jars and bottles.

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This is very handy. Every thousand tonnes of recycled glass save around 345,000kWh of energy, 1,200 tonnes of materials and a staggering 1,000 tonnes of landfill. This highlights the importance of recycling, especially in a time when the majority of people are very concerned about the number of landfills in the world.

What can be recycled?

It is worth noting that not all glass can be recycled. For example, it is very difficult to recycle old windows, but it is not impossible.

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The final stage

Once the glass has been completely melted down, it is then crushed to ensure that it meets the required standards. Once this has happened, the glass will be shipped off to nearby jar and bottle manufacturers so it can be repurposed into new environmentally friendly glasses – and the cycle will begin all over again!