Improving Lives of Poor People Across The Globe

Improving Lives of Poor People Across The Globe

Poor people are not only victims of lack of money and education- they do not have access to good health. They are prone to epidemics and life-threatening illnesses round the clock. They cannot afford two square meals a day and they accept poverty to be a constant part of their lives forever. Those people who are poor should not be blamed for their plight. They are not responsible of being born in a poor family. They are not given the education and the chances they deserve however thanks to some compassionate organizations, the future for them is now changing!

The Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is a non-profit organization in the USA that is helping people alleviate poverty. This Foundation does not depend upon third party donations. It has the ability to sustain itself. It helps poor families across the world with micro finance loans. These loans are given to poor families so that they can expand their existing occupation or even start a small business of their own. These loans are mostly targeted at women as they are more less likely to default over their male counterparts.

A major tool to eradicate poverty

Micro finance not only helps families eradicate poverty but they also improve health and welfare of the family. Children of poor families are made to drop out from school. They often cannot study further primarily because of the lack of funds. There are some families that are so poor that they cannot even afford the basic education of their children. Moreover, micro finance gives poor families access to better sanitation that is more cleaner and healthier. Even a small loan for a poor family will help the benefactor pull the family out of poverty.

Helping to create new employment opportunities

Poor people often do not get employment because they lack the education. They are paid poorly even if they are skilled and talented. It is here that the experts of the Foundation step in to explain them the benefits of micro finance. This small loan has the capacity to change their lives for a better and secure future. Micro finance also has the ability to create employment opportunities. This definitely has a positive impact on the local community in under-developed and developing nations. The philosophy of micro finance is based on the philosophy that even a small credit can end the never-ending cycle of poverty. The micro finance loans have helped many families to climb out of poverty and the success stories are pouring in every day.

The Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is well known in the USA and it is highly respected for its team of dedicated professionals that care for families who are poor. Everyone has the right to live with respect and dignity. The only thing that is needed is a supportive and compassionate hand. Poor families can end the cycle of poverty with small credit. Their children can be educated and the community can improve with the sincere efforts of non- profit organizations and experts who care!