Long Term Effects of IV Drug Abuse by Marion Addicts

Long Term Effects of IV Drug Abuse by Marion Addicts

Drug and alcohol abuse for some time now has been playing a ruthless game in the Midwest.  True, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in general is a major and serious problem all across the nation, but the issue is particularly dangerous and concerning in the Midwest and particularly with IV drug use too. Drug Rehab Marion is starting to see the repercussions of it.

Increased Supply

The problem of substance abuse form a perspective of IV drug use sadly touches many areas of different public policy, from border security to the health system and criminal justice too.  In all these areas, the Midwest has it pretty weak on them.  The rise in this area may have been spurred partially by an increase in supply, (for example the amount of heroin seized at the border with Mexico quadrupled by 2013 from the 2000s, making the drug cheaper in the U.S. and more pure too). Furthermore, during 2008-2011, there were about 1.1 million emergency department visits for drug poisoning each and every year, or 35.4 visits per 10,000 people all in all.  The Midwest has such a serious and large amount of IV drug users that a lot of the drugs from Mexico come over the border and just come straight to the U.S.


Changes in Who’s Doing It

The average user of heroin has changed drastically in the last decade alone, and not for the better. In 2000, black Americans aged 45-64 had the highest death rate for drug poisoning involving IV heroin by far. Now, white, Midwestern people aged 18-44 have the highest rate of abuse. The share of people who say they have used heroin in the past year is actually decreasing for non-whites in truth says Drug Rehabilitation Marion. Heroin has taken hold of the white suburbs, middle class and upper-middle class which has prompted more attention for what is now being called a “health problem.” It is particularly concerning too since the age most affected are young adults, and it is really taking over middle class, middle sized Midwestern towns like Marion.

A Plague for Young Adults

The heroin epidemic in the nation today is sadly hitting young adults in middle sized cities like Marion more than any other age groups. The use of IV drugs amongst Americans aged 18-25 increased by no less than 109 percent from 2002-2004 and 2011-2013. For Americans 26 and older, it increased by 58 percent.  Unfortunately, the future of the nation is looking pretty grim with more and more American becoming addicted to heroin and other IV drugs.

What to Do About It

Prevention needs to be tripled on these problems and it needs to be increased sooner rather than later.  The truth is, these are concerning issues and they really need to be addressed now.  Prevention to stop the drugs from coming in from Mexico is key, but it is only the first step which Drug Rehab Centers in Marion are working towards.  The step that is really going to do the most good in towns like Marion is by applying effective rehabilitation.  With effective rehabilitation, the problem can actually become something of the past, because rehabilitation centers will literally address and cure all of those who are addicted to and abusing IV drugs in these cities.