What to Look for in a Quality DUI Lawyer

What to Look for in a Quality DUI Lawyer

It can be difficult to find an experienced and highly qualified DUI lawyer to take your case — someone you can trust. This is especially true if you’ve never had to look for a DUI attorney before.

To help you on your search, therefore, here is a list of qualities to especially look out for in the best DUI lawyers in Austin:

Key Qualities to Look for in a DUI Attorney

  • Experience Defending Those Charged With DUIs

A great lawyer is one with experience. Ask your potential lawyer candidates about their experience defending individuals who’ve had cases like yours.

  • Great Communication

The best attorneys in DUI cases are continually communicative with you and keep you abreast of all developments that occur. You should be able to be constantly informed about your case no matter what.

  • A Good Legal Record

In addition to being experienced with DUI cases in general, it is also important that your potential lawyer has a good legal record. This means that they have never been disciplined by the State Bar before and have no record of malpractice.

  • Realistic Expectations

It is true that you’ll want to hear a confident attitude in your lawyer concerning your DUI case. However, the best lawyers are upfront about your situation. Therefore, you can know that if a lawyer is completely and 100% positive about a specific result for your case, they may be unethical or dishonest. Your lawyer should certainly do their job to the best of their ability, but  they should never make specific promises.

  • An Upfront Attitude About the Challenges of Your Case

Again, you’ll certainly want a confident lawyer. However, you’ll also want to hear that your lawyer understands the specific challenges of your case and is upfront about how these challenge may affect your outcome.

  • Affordable Pricing

Finally, make sure to ask about the potential legal costs of your DUI lawyer. Prices may seem steep in general, but watch out for unrealistically low costs and fees or those that charge an exorbitant amount.

Contact One of the Reputable DUI lawyers in Austin Today

As you search for the perfect lawyer in Austin for your DUI case, it is essential that you explain everything that is pertinent and relevant in your case. There is nothing to fear when speaking directly with your lawyer or a potential lawyer because even before a lawyer has decided that they’ll take on your case, the attorney-client privilege is already there. Therefore again, it is important to be honest and forthcoming.

Speak with a lawyer today about your current DUI situation. They will help you get the justice you deserve and limit your sentence.


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