Looking for Cute Dog Costumes for Halloween

Looking for Cute Dog Costumes for Halloween

Kids are much excited about celebrating Halloween. They want to be in their best Halloween costumes and not only humans enjoy it the best way, but many people also take care of their dogs too by giving them new cute dog costumes to celebrate the event in style.

So, what you need to choose for you doggy for that special day? What latest types of Halloween costumes are available in the market? Let’s have a quick overview.

Dog costumes


There are many stores online and offline selling doggie costumes. The price for dog costumes may vary from just $10-$50. There are one piece dressed to full set of tops and bottoms to ensure comfort of wearing and also present your cuties in the most charming way.

Some of the latest models available for this year include;

Dog Halloween Costumes

Shop by:

  • Shark Hoodie Dog Sweater at $41.00
  • Bone Appetite Chef Costume at $34.00
  • Koala Dog Costume at $24.00
  • Clown Dog Costume at $28.00
  • Cleopatra Pet Costume at $38.00
  • King Mutt Costume at $38.00
  • Bunny Dog Hoodie at $41.00
  • Dorothy Dress Costume at $28.00
  • Neon Witch Dog Costume at $41.00
  • Cowgirl Dog Costume at $40.00
  • Bunny Rabbit Costume at $28.00
  • Glow in the Dark Spiderdog Costume at $28.00
  • Dogula Dog Costume at $28.00
  • Holly Christmas Dog Costume at $32.00
  • Turkey Dog Costume at $32.00
  • Prince Charming Dog Costume at $47.00
  • Leprechaun Boy Dog Costume at $32.00
  • Santa’s Elf Costume at $32.00
  • Sweetheart Nurse Dog Costume at $28.00
  • Halloween Witch Dog Costume at $40.00
  • Alpine Girl Dog Costume at $34.00
  • Doctor Barker Dog Costume at $28.00
  • Cowboy Dog Costume at $40.00
  • Shark Dog Costume at $30.00 to name a few.

There are also various types of dog hats and cuffs available for the owners to choose in order to give a complete look to your pets. It is easy to order these through the online store itself. There are a lot of options available for custom made cute dog costumes also as Pirate Girl Dog Costume, LED Witch Dog Costume, Fireman Dog Costume etc.


Buying online

There are a few things to note while you purchase dog costumes online. First among these is that you always make sure that you deal with only an authentic service provider, which is into this industry for long. You can also check for the reviews of the previous customers and their feedback to see whether the seller is trustworthy.

Ensure the category also as all the costumes will not fit perfectly for every breed and size. So, ensure that what you are going to order through online will fit the best to your type and size of the god.

There is no trial options available while buying one, but you can check whether there is any replacement policy or money back if you are not satisfied with the product. It is also important while looking for cute dog costumes online is that you make the transactions only through trusted payment gateways.