How Many Types Of Testosterone Products Do You Know Of?

How Many Types Of Testosterone Products Do You Know Of?

Testosterone is the main male hormone. It allows the appearance of male characters in humans, being produced by men’s testicles. It is produced by Leydig cells in the testes after stimulation by the luteinizing hormone.

Even though hormone secretion begins during intrauterine life, birth stops and puberty begins the secretion process. If you want more testosterone and you do not know how to do this, reading this can help you with some ideas.

Testosterone is found in the form of many products but also in many forms (testosterone spray for bodybuilding, pills, etc.)

Propionate testosterone

Testosterone propionate is the fastest-acting form of synthetic testosterone. It is used especially in the definition periods, and can be combined with other steroids for this purpose.

Testosterone propionate is the fastest-acting testosterone variant with the shortest ester. It is the oldest commercial form of testosterone injectable, first launched in the market in 1937. Until the 1960s, it dominated the market of anabolic steroids, when the longer esters of enantate and cypionate appeared. Medically, it is still used today, but very rarely. It is especially popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

Cypionate testosterone

Cypionate testosterone is a steroid that is mostly found on the American market. Its European equivalent is testosterone enanthate, from which it differs very little in terms of action time. It is a powerful steroid, which finds basic use in many cures.

As mentioned, cypionate testosterone is one of the testosterone esters most commonly used by Americans. And this is not only from any ‘national pride’, but also because many say it is a superior product, much better than enormous testosterone. At the same time, it is said to cause some water retention, but not so bad that it is abandoned because of this.

Suspension testosterone

If testosterone is the most powerful muscle mass builder then this is the most powerful testosterone. Testosterone suspension is pure testosterone. For those who dare, using it has a huge potential.

Testosterone suspension is the purest testosterone; it has no esters. Although it is a primitive steroid, being quite old in the market, it remains very effective. It is not dissolved in oil like most steroids but is suspended in water. And, even in water it does not dissolve quickly. If you leave the ampoule for a while, you will notice that the steroid accumulates on the bottom of the ampoule separated from the water.