Multi-tasking is a Great Boon for Leaders in Diverse Fields

Multi-tasking is a Great Boon for Leaders in Diverse Fields

According to a recent research it has been found that only two percent of people in the world can actually multi task. It has been found that these people not only excel at intellectual tasks in the first place, their performance does not suffer when they do diverse things at the same time, and in fact it gets better.

Mr. Angelo Talebi is one such person who is actually a multitasking individual as he is a much-admired multi-media producer, radio personality, director, film documentarian, philanthropist as well as entrepreneur. He makes sure that he carries of each role with equal dignity, justice and integrity. Even though Angelo is from Tehran, Iran, he is at present residing in Sherman Oaks, State of California. After obtaining the MBA finance degree from Lincoln University, Missouri and certification course in behavioral finance from Harvard University, Mr. Talebi became the owner of Angelus Media Group. The company is located in the Beverly Hills, California. Angelus Media Group concentrates on feature-length, melodramatic documentary films that bring motivating tales to national as well as across the world viewers. Angelo says that his company has produced documentaries for all of the major newscasters, government agencies, NGOs as well as the business sectors. The company utilizes pioneering innovative techniques in biopic filmmaking, and for producing movies that are contemporary in topic and character.

Besides being a proprietor of Angelus Media Group, Angelo is also a participant in an Iranian/American Educational Program which targets to grow awareness in dealing with the constantly fluctuating world of finance in the United States. He has the lust for traveling to unfamiliar places and for meeting different people. In the recent times, he has visited countries such as Brazil, Thailand, and Hungary to film their lovely surroundings and the vibrant values of the local people.

When not travelling, or managing his company, Angelo loves taking part in American Kenpo along with other martial arts and cultivates a variety of roosters from Thailand in his farm. His radio and TV hosts show, titled, On the Money Line, put emphasis on how to obtain financial security without foregoing on the temporary goals. Mr. Talebi says that working in the direction of financial safety need not be an application in self-withdrawal, as many people guess.

Mr. Talebi works persistently to help the clients invest normally, and meet their requirements for insurance and offers plan so that they can effectively transfer the clients’ opulence to the children and grandchildren. He loves to help people so that they can get rid of all their financial difficulties. He does this via the total wealth management technique. He trusts that every part is important distinctly, but dealing them all at once is one of the most important anxieties in the customer’s overall financial freedom.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that Mr. Angelo Talebi is one of those Individuals in the world who can actually multitask and that too effectively.