Optimizing Search for your WordPress Blog

Optimizing Search for your WordPress Blog

For any of the best online reputation management companies, they understand the importance of website optimization for your microsites like WordPress and all of the rules behind allowing it to rank well on the Google SERP.

Don’t Try to Trick Google

It is important to not try to trick Google by not having quality content, along with a fast loading microsite. Google is able to crawl through your pages and actually analyze your content and then along with many different factors, it will rank your website based on scores it has. With Google’s algorithm constantly learning and getting better, it is nearly impossible to trick Google nowadays.

Link and Promote other Websites

It is important to do some back linking and most people aren’t able to properly do backlinking therefore at least connection all of your high domain authority social media platforms to one another will help your ranking on the Google search engine results page and that is super important. Most companies would prefer spending their resources on organic search engine optimization than search engine marketing.

Think About Changing your Host

A study by Kissmetrics showed that half of web users expect a web page to load in just 2 seconds and will bounce if it is not loaded within 3 seconds. As a consumer, consider this and make sure to make a good impression by using a hosting service like WP Engine who is the fasted host service for microsites.

Never Forget Quality Content

In order for your WordPress website to be able to rank in the search engine results pages of Google, you must have at least 600 words of content per page. In the past, most people would take keywords and spam it maybe 500 times so that there would be some sort of content on the webpage, but as Google’s algorithm started to get better, it caught on and sites that had the same keyword over and over turned out to rank worse than those that had quality content with multiple different keywords.