Outdoor Wedding Catering | 5 Advantages

Outdoor Wedding Catering | 5 Advantages

Outdoor wedding catering might not be something you’ve considered as most people go for the traditional sit-down 3-course meal. Why not make your wedding stand out? Apart from the obvious weather issues, outdoor catering can have a long list of benefits, a few of which you can see below.

  • Cost-effective

Just because outdoor wedding catering is usually cheaper per person, it doesn’t mean your meal will be any less delicious or any less well-presented. Hog roasts can be as low as £6 per person, giving you extra money for the rest of your wedding. You could also consider dessert options, as outdoor catering is not limited by amount of courses or side dishes.

  • Adds a Touch of Theatre

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There’s nothing like the smell of BBQ in the air to add excitement. Watching the chefs create your food adds a talking point to the event and builds anticipation.

  • More Choice and Customizable

There is a huge amount of menu choice available out there from professional caterers like Salted Orange. Mouths will water at the thought of a summer BBQ or a succulent hog roast. Buffets are always a great choice for picky eaters and the fact that it isn’t silver service will cut costs dramatically. Good caterers are totally flexible and will take on suggestions from the bride and groom to be.

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  • Free Seating

Outdoor wedding catering can also encourage mingling by self-service and the anticipation building from amazing smells. Free seating avoids the issue of boring or rowdy tables, and lets your guests get to know each other.

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  • Chosen Caterers

Weddings at hotels and other popular venues usually prevent outside companies from doing the catering, increasing the cost for couples and decreasing choice. There are plenty of highly skilled and personable professional caterers out there who want to make your day special.

Whatever catering options you choose, be sure to make sure your wedding represents you as a couple and presents your journey. Too many couples focus on pleasing guests, which is important, but your wedding day is supposedly the best day of your life, so enjoy it!

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