Don’t wait for a Thanksgiving dinner to revamp your dull dining room .Get inspired and make it a place where you and your family actually want to eat in. Whether your dining area is small or big, there is always a high scope of refurnishing it, so that it speaks your style, elegance and personality. Here are few decor tips which fits in any size of dining room.

GIVE A SPLASH OF COLOR ON WALLS: Since we spend least of our time in dining room compared with kitchen, living room and bedroom, you can use a bold look in this area. Use rich colors to paint. Subtle and neutral colors give a warm look but strong colors will bring a statement appeal. If your room is naturally filled with light, go for dark colors. If walls have a trimmed moldings and panels at bottom, go for contrast eye-catchy color combination. With touch of charming rich tones depending upon mood you want to create in the space, a quiet family dinner time can become a splendid affair.

SPRUCE UP WITH WALLPAPER: Wallpaper is a great way to add wow factor to your dining room. Try to experiment with wallpapers, especially if you are lucky enough to have a separate dining room to create a perfect ambience.  There are lots of options when it comes to wallpaper designs- traditional, bright florals, oversized photographic images, geometric patterns and few with modern art touch. Make sure the wall paper design co-ordinates well with ceiling, wood work and furniture. Remember, too much of boldness will overwhelm the look.


WAINSCOTING: If you have been wanting to do wainscoting forever, your dining room is a perfect area to try it. Wainscoting makes a huge impact with relatively small cost and effort. Shoulder-height wainscoting panels bring formal view and grace to a plain dining room. In dining rooms, high wainscoting topped with grooved rails can be used to display fine dishware. You can create an excitement with designer wainscoting with formal flair in your dining area.

In dining room, wainscoting capped at chair height with a defining top rails safeguards walls from being marred when diners push back from the table. Proper wainscoting makes your room seem bigger than it really is without giving a total overhaul. ModelHomeMakeover.ca offered some modern styles that you can consider for your next home remodelling.

STUNNING CEILINGS: Remodelling ceilings can change whole interior of a room. Modern ceilings can be a lot more than plain white roofs. A well designed ceiling, complementing with the room, lifts the visual appeal and aesthetics. Perfect ceiling design with color adds beauty to a room.  Tray ceiling, ceiling domes, textured ceiling or ceiling medallions with moldings are in trend these days to add to a fascinating look. False ceiling designs and LED lighting can be part of elaborate and exquisite roof designs. Statement lighting, chandelier and shades are cherry on the icing!

DINING FURNITURE: A decade ago, choosing a dining table was a simple affair. In fact tables used to come with pre-existing chairs. Now, we understand that a dining set serves as the backdrop for countless events. Whether you are planning holiday meals or casual dinner parties, it’s worth investing in a dining table that accommodates what you want. Once you decide on the shape, choose the size of table that suits your room and your lifestyle. If you generally plan large parties, you should probably go for the large table options. On the other hand, if you prefer small gatherings, a smaller table will be a better fit.

SHOW OFF THE COLLECTION: Unique and unparalleled crockery adds a touch of posh to dining place. For a table overflowing with grandeur, choose a fancy dishware. Make a style statement by displaying your favorite collection of dishes. Be it a glass ware, china crockery or any vintage collection, beautiful designs are supposed to be gathered around the table or open cabinet shelves. If you don’t have any, buy tableware for stylish dining at least for a year round use.

Whether you are hosting a big holiday party or small gathering around the table for a weekend lunch, the dining room is the area where people come together. It’s the spot in your home where you celebrate your signature style. Keep it gorgeous!