Raising a Healthy Dog in Colorado

Raising a Healthy Dog in Colorado

Some states rank better than others in dog ownership. Doggie boutiques, dog parks, pet-friendly hotels — these are some of the benefits for dog owners in Colorado. The State of Colorado, and its cities, often rank high on lists of most dog-friendly areas in the country. The advanced animal care of Colorado is part of the reason dogs thrive there.

Raising a healthy dog has its challenges. This might mean the need to spend time with the dog. Dogs need affection! In a way, there are just like us. They are like us in a few other ways. To maintain their health, dogs need:

• Proper exercise
• A balanced diet
• Grooming
• Routine health checkups

These are four ways to raise a healthy dog. They should be considered a fairly basic part of owning a dog, or any animal for that matter. Colorado, with ample amount of dog-centric activities and shops available, makes it easy to raise dogs. One of the best parts of raising a dog in the State the ability to give the dog exercise.


Colorado has mountains, trails, and dog parks. Dog fitness is available almost everywhere in Colorado. The natural landscape of the State makes it easy for dogs to burn some calories outdoors. An active dog, just like an active human, can stay nimble. Physical fitness goes perfectly with a balanced diet.


Imagine eating food with steroids, growth hormones, and harmful chemicals. How would anyone feel? Dogs should eat a balanced diet of food that is healthy for them. For humans, organic foods are becoming more popular. The same goes for dogs and other animals. Organic foods are not always necessary but are a great option.


A regular shower and haircut probably make dogs feel great. After all, we humans enjoy them! Grooming is more than just cleanliness for dogs. Over time, their fingernails need to be cut if they get too long. And we can’t forget dental health. A dog’s teeth should be brushed occasionally to keep them free of plaque. Healthy gums keep the base of the teeth strong. Giving a dog certain chew toys, like raw bones, will help keep their teeth strong and white.

Health Checkups

Visiting a veterinarian is key to the advanced animal care of Colorado. A veterinarian can give specific feedback and recommendations on the dog’s exercise, diet, and grooming needs. There are other things a veterinarian can identify such as small pests that may bother the dog. The veterinarian may prescribe some type of anti-pest cream.

They say dogs are “man’s best friend”. Taking good care of them makes a person a dog’s best friend!