Ramp up the Style in Your Bedroom

Ramp up the Style in Your Bedroom

It’s wonderful to see all the lavish master bedroom suites in designer magazines and home decorating shows. Most of these spaces were created by seasoned designers with nearly unlimited budgets and resources. Rest assured, most people are also not just impressed but also intimidated by these spaces and the complexity needed to pull them off. If you’re determined to ramp up the style in your master bedroom, follow these recommendations from the experts. You’ll be on your way to developing your own oasis.


The most dramatic change in any space comes with the change of wall color. Select a light soothing shade that will complement the floor covering in the space. Don’t become paralyzed with furniture selection. Put it in perspective. Selecting a name for a baby is a huge decision. Selecting a $20 gallon of paint isn’t.  Remove all the furnishing from the room or at least cover them with sheets and drop cloths. Remove the paintings from the walls and outlet covers. Prep the walls as needed, spackling and sanding where necessary. When the pain is dry, this is the opportunity to rearrange furniture in the room. Ideally, the footboard of the bed should be positioned toward the door of the room. This is your focal point and anchor piece.

Take advantage of the great deals offered by Groupon coupons and splurge on new bedding and window treatments at Kmart. This will completely change the look of the room. Hang window panels on the outside of the window frame so one quarter of the panel covers the actual window. This will allow the eye to travel to the ceiling for the appearance of greater ceiling height and also allow more sunlight to enter the space.

Limit the extra furnishings in the space – overcrowding is the biggest design killer. Edit your accessories and display only your most treasured objects and art. Clutter is difficult to see through. Enjoy your new master bedroom oasis!