Real and Effective Ways to Save Money at Home

Real and Effective Ways to Save Money at Home


Like everything worth emulating, all good things begin at home. Trying to reduce excesses and save money is no different. But the desire to save money must be shared by everybody in the home, or excesses will continue and defeat the purpose. Here are some practical but effective ways to save money at home.

#1 Use Tank-less Water Heater

Water heaters regularly eats-up 20% of the home energy bill. To save on energy, homes rely on tank less water heaters. This is not as effective as storage water heaters, but the cost more than offset the disparity in performance. The difference between a tank less and storage water heater is in the delivery of hot water.

Storage water heaters delivers hot water right on demand. Heating coils are strategically placed in a storage tank. When water enters, it is heated and the temperature is maintained inside the tank. Users are assured that instant hot water is available in different outlets of the home anytime of the day. The installation is however complicated and expensive.

In a tank-less water heater, water is made to pass through a heating coil. Heating is done as water moves around the heating coil. Because water is not stationary it will take some time to reach the desired temperature. Another drawback is a home will be served by multiple units. That is, one each for the shower, the kitchen sink and so on. But the cost is relatively low and installation is not at all complicated.

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#2 Save on Electronics

Unabated use of electronics is one activity that contribute to the excesses in the home. Computers fall into this trap to start with. Most likely PC’s and laptops are switched on indefinitely because it serves as the communication link. TV’s, printer’s and other devices likewise, must not be left plugged to the sockets indefinitely. Electricity continues to drain to maintain the passive status of the gadget.

Use non-OEM printer supplies.The home printer supplies could also be a big money drain. Reuse or recycling of empty ink cartridges must be considered. Toner refill is the most feasible alternative. Where to buy toner refill is out of the question because the market teems with shops that cater this supply need.

#3 Avoid the Sun

This is probably the best tip and can save the most money. Do not forget that the sun is the source of all the heat on this planet. So, if possible avoid placing huge glass panels, or windows directly facing the sun. It is necessary to orient the house to follow the east west direction, so windows and openings face the north, south direction. Treat the walls exposed to the heat of the sun with efficient insulation materials. Insulation is a must to prevent heat gain inside the rooms. When rooms are sealed from the outside environment, less energy is used to attain a livable comfort level.

Money spent is directly linked to the activities inside the homes. The bottom line, reduce the excessive activities and it will surely result in a lot of savings in the home.