When is the Right Time to Buy a LOL Boost?

When is the Right Time to Buy a LOL Boost?

Most of you will have heard of elo boosting and the benefits it can have for your LOL account but there will always be questions that players have about the boosting services that are offered. One of the most common questions that League of Legends players ask when it comes to elo boosting is “When is the ideal time to buy them?”.

We are going to answer that question and also let any of you that know little about Lol boosting and what it can give you in this short article provided to us by League of Legends op-boost.com.

When is the Best Time to Buy an Elo Boost?

This will depend on the player and the circumstances and targets that they want to achieve so it really comes down to your very own reasoning and timing. Let’s take a look at some of the more common times that people purchase LOL boosts:

  • At the start of a ranked season

When a new ranked season starts, some players use an elo boost to give them a head start in climbing the ranks. This gives them an advantage over many other players as they are already high up the ranks and more difficult to catch.

This method also means that once the boost is finished, they can start working on getting even higher themselves.

  • When a player gets stuck in a certain division

Many of you will know from experience that it can be annoying after you have failed to get into a division such as Gold 3 five times running. Each and every time you try you just fall short and have to have another go.

Buying a boost at this time can push you into the league you have been trying to so hard to get to.

  • At the end of a ranked season

In a similar way to those that use an elo boost at the start of the season to get a head start, some will also use one at the end of a ranked season to give themselves one final push up the rankings. We all want to finish as high as possible or in a particular league or division after all.

Maybe there is a player/friend that you want to finish ahead of for bragging rights or there are your very best season’s results at stake.

  • After a bad run of form

Another reason why some players opt to take advantage of an elo boost is down to frustration after being on the end of a long losing streak that they just cannot break out of. Perhaps a player has not been able to focus as well as they normally would or are just getting bad luck with the teams that MM is giving them.

Getting a boost can give you a bit of time off to regain your focus while a professional player repairs any damage that might have happened to your rankings during your bad run of form.


As you can see, there are a number of different occasions that you might consider using an elo boosting service to improve your ranked games rankings. The most important thing is to think about what time is right for you and whether you can handle not playing your account for a while as somebody else performs a little bit of magic on it.

What you can be sure of is that no matter what time you decide to use an elo boost, you can count on the highly skilled professional players to improve your rankings in a quick, efficient and timely manner.