Sharing Fun Facts Of Cleveland Cavaliers With Fans!

Sharing Fun Facts Of Cleveland Cavaliers With Fans!

NBA is a popular sport in the USA and it is loved by people of all ages. People drop their work in order to see their icons play. Moreover, some fans go to the extent of sharing their views on games and matches in blog posts so that fellow readers who missed matches or eager to know about interesting facts can read them. There are some fans that write about their favorite teams. They express their views to their fellow fans. These fans are not sports journalists and they do not have the expertise in the technicalities of writing however their posts are equally lucid and welcoming to read. They write from the heart and they have simple conversational style that appeals to all and sundry. Once such sports fan cum blogger is Alexander Paler.


Alex Paler is a busy professional who works in the healthcare and the IT management industry. Like everyone else, he is engaged with work. However, he is known for his passion and dedication when it comes to his work and sharing his love for one of his favorite NBA teams Cleveland Cavaliers. He was born in Ohio and is fond of The Ohio State Buckeyes. He later shifted to Chicago Illinois and started to like The Chicago Cubs and The Chicago Blackhawks. He has his own blog and whenever he gets the time and the opportunity from work, he takes up a topic on his favorite teams and writes about them. He states that there are many people who are not aware of the fun facts of their favorite teams. He makes it a point to collect them and write a post on them. This is why if you read his blog, you will find that most of his posts are endearing and close to the heart.

Fun Facts of The Cavs

When it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he says that many fans are unaware of the fact The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the most thrilling and heartbreaking teams in the NBA. The Cavs were actually an expansion team in the NBA. This was in 1970 and before they became famous as the Cavs they shortlisted the names of The Jays, The Presidents, The Cavaliers and The Foresters. The team has 6#1 draft picks in its history. They included LeBron James, Andrew Wiggins, Brad Daugherty, Kyrie Irving, Austin Carr and Anthony Bennet.


Two players that received Rookie of The Year Award were LeBron James in 2004 and Kyrie Irving in 2012. When it comes to The Eastern Conference Championship, the Cavs won it twice- once in 2007 and again in 2015. LeBron James was declared the NBA’s most valuable player in 2009 and 2010. He also leads the Cavs in Field Goals, Steals and Points, Minutes Played, Assists and Points. He is indeed the greatest player that the Cleveland Cavaliers have today!

Alex Paler says that he loves sharing these fun facts of his favorite team and this is why he never misses the chance to write about them and inform his fellow fans!