These Small Actions Can Save A Ton on Utility Bills

These Small Actions Can Save A Ton on Utility Bills

Around this time, you’re probably still recovering from the dreaded post-holiday utility bills. The electric bill may have hit you hardest, but most see a surge in all of them, water included. After such a dent in your pockets, now is a good time to evaluate how you can reduce these expenses year round. We’ll explore how even a plumbing quote can save money on utilities.

Get Annual Maintenance and Inspections

You may have already run into businesses going door-to-door to schedule inspections. It is to drum up business, but it can still help you. You don’t have to take all their advice, but an audit at least once a year can tell you where money is leaking from your home.

Energy Audit

A home energy audit gives you personalized insight into what drains the most energy in your home. From there, you get suggestions on how you can improve energy usage with changes, repairs, or upgrades. Your state or local energy office can refer you to an auditor to check:

  • Thermographic
  • PFT Air Infiltration
  • Blower Doors

Annual Plumbing Inspection

The most obvious potential leaks are around toilets, sinks, and washers. Others within walls or under floors aren’t visible at all. Without an inspection, you won’t have a clue until there’s a major problem. Preventative maintenance is a part of saving money, so it’s worth it to invest in checking out your plumbing. That way you have an idea of what your plumbing quote should be.

HVAC Maintenance

Even though cleaner air is a huge benefit, you can get much more from maintaining your HVAC system. Cleaning the filters regularly keeps it from working so hard to push out cool and warm air. If nothing else, get a yearly HVAC cleaning and inspection. It will help your system last longer, so you save each month and over the life of the HVAC system.

Termite and Pest Inspection

What in the world does pest control have to do with your energy bill? More than you think. Termites love to snack on wood, making holes and causing insulation problems. Bad insulation is one of the top reasons for high energy bills. Holes also open the door for more pests to enter the home. Mice can chew through wires, causing problems in electrical functions of the home.

Insulate in Places You Never Dreamed Of

Having good insulation is an obvious energy and money saver. The key is where you’re insulating. The objective is to keep unwanted temperatures out across all seasons. That way your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work overtime. Electrical outlet sealers, window strips, paint, and even food can act as insulation. Seal leaks and fill unwanted spaces.

It takes some time, but the savings on utility bills is worth. Do your homework and get professional help to start reaping the benefits. Plumbing quote, annual maintenance and inspections, and a little DIY insulation can save big bucks on monthly bills.