Styling Food for Camera Explains Susie Rachele

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Well, styling food is never easy. Yes, you need to know how to present the food in a way that it both looks yummy and attractive to the people. The art lies in placing the right item at the right spot. The secret is in knowing which food looks good with what garnishing. Susie Rachele is a food stylist who has spent hours with food. It is her passion to make things look good. Food is no exception either. She has the passion for arranging everything in a way that things look good. She has done this many times. She has styled food so that they can be captured for the magazines or food blogs.

Her job involves in making food look good. This does not just happen say Susie. Everyone cannot just become a food stylist. You need to have that eye which will help you look at the food and see how it should be styled. This is not an easy job. This is like preparing a model for photo shoot. With time the profession of food styling has gone through vast changes. With time the stylists changed as well. Earlier people used to design the food to make them look good for camera. However, modern day food styling does not follow such a process. The modern day food stylists don’t do anything which will ruin the food quality.

Susie Rachele has started early in her career. She always had this instinct to make things to look good. She always had this urge to prepare the foods in a way that people will remember the presentation for a long time. This instinct is a rare find. Everyone does not have it. Such an instinct comes with the passion to turn food presentation into an art.

From the childhood she was fascinated by food. Being a foodie helped her grow in her career. She had the love for food even as a child. Preparing different dishes and presenting to surprise everyone has been her passion even as a child. As an adult she has combined the two love which always got her going. She combined her love for food with her love for art. This is actually a combination where food and art come together.

Making people eat using their eyes is an art which is not easily acquired. You need to work hard and work with all your love to make this happen. If you don’t love food, you would not be able to present food in a way that people would love to stare at the table and would find it hard to disrupt the work of art. When you have achieved this you would know that you have acquired something. Also you need to know where to find the items for preparation.

Susie Rachele has done this many times. She has presented foods in ways that people could not take their eyes off the dishes. She has taken the work to the next level and turned it into a work of art and love combined on one table.