Team Building for Business Performance Enhancement

Without taking time to build strong teams, a sense of loyalty and a common purpose your business activities are hampered by disconnection and a lukewarm attitude.

Productivity increases in a team that has spent time socialising and participating in activities together. These opportunities can be sports oriented or events and take advantage of corporate hospitality perks. The primary rule is that your team building should be fun.

Sitting a team in front of a sales presentation in the boardroom may constitute a group activity but there is no time spent out of the work environment and none spent not thinking directly about work.

Offering the opportunity to engage, compete and problem solve away from the office or factory is vital if you want a cohesive team.

The morale within the workplace should increase with team building exercises and the sense of loyalty between employees intensifies which facilitates stronger teams in which the talents of each person are realised and used to their full potential.

For the employer, there is another bonus in that the loyalty means that staff are less likely to move on to another job which cuts recruitment and new starter training expenditure.

Which would you rather be as a business owner – the one who invests in team building exercises and has long serving happy staff or the owner of an enterprise that has a high turnover of staff and a prevailing air of dissatisfaction which costs you contracts?

Bespoke event packages can be created by leading sports and events experts like DTB Sports and Events who are based in London and work across the UK and internationally.

Here is a list of the kinds of corporate hospitality sports and events which are perfect for team building:

  • Go karting.
  • Quad biking.
  • Tank driving.
  • Clay pigeon shooting on the River Thames.
  • Shooting days.
  • Treasure hunts.
  • Learn to play polo.

Bespoke events packages include:

  • Poker nights.
  • Sailing days.
  • Days out at the races.
  • Driving days.

Why not set your team a challenge with a city treasure hunt in which the idea is to locate the GPS hotspots and move around the city as you crack clues, complete challenges and earn as many points as possible. It’s only when your GPS verifies that you are in the correct location that the team can activate the hotspot and attempt the challenge.

A live scoreboard, timed challenges and penalty points for incorrect answers add to the competitive nature of the activity.

Or perhaps a go karting endurance race would suit your team building visions better. Bespoke events packages are easy to arrange, just tell the experts what you’d like and they will build an experience for your team.

An endurance race with teams split down according to the number of attendees; motivates and focuses on goal achievement in an exhilarating and enjoyable way.

For more details about numerous other options please contact sports and events planners.