Ten care tips for wood floors

Ten care tips for wood floors

Hardwood floors look gorgeous and are very long-lasting if you take care of them. Here are 10 top tips to keeping wood floors in top condition.

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Look after your legs

Put felt protectors to the legs of your chairs and tables so they can’t scratch your lovely, wooden floor. Check the protectors and replace them before they wear out.

Invest in a rug

For areas that are used a lot or are more prone to spills, like the kitchen, it is worth investing in a rug to act as a floor protector and look decorative too.

Dry clean first

Always clean with a dry, soft brush before using a wet mop. Otherwise you will be dragging debris around the floor which could scratch it.

Monthly maintenance

Clean with a recommended wood-flooring cleaner every month to protect your floor.

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Five-year plan

Every three to five years, you’ll want to buff and recoat the floor to keep it protected. Then every few decades, you’ll want to sand and refinish it – http://woodfloors.org/maintenance.aspx. So you see, wood floors can last for generations.

Wood comes in a range of colours and types to suit all budgets. If you’re looking for a beautiful wood floor, such as oak engineered flooring, take a look at the range available from a company such as www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring/.

Do not wax lyrical

Do not over-wax the floor, try buffing instead. In light traffic areas such as under furniture, apply wax to these areas every other session to avoid a buildup of wax.

Keep it clean

Wipe up any spills immediately so they cannot stain the floor or get rubbed in. Use a damp cloth and be gentle so that you don’t rub the stain into the wood instead of getting it out.

Say no to heels

Don’t wear high heels or sports shoes with studs as these can leave dents in the floor. Encourage visitors to take their shoes off. You can supply slippers for them to wear around the house.

Winter care

Use a humidifier during winter to minimise the chances of any gaps appearing through warped wood. You could also look at investing in underfloor heating when you have the wooden floors installed.

Pick it up

When moving furniture, don’t slide it along the floor but pick it up. Get a friend to help if it’s too heavy.