The Best Xbox One Games Of 2016

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We’re naturally predisposed to reflect on the past as we enter into the New Year. It’s during these moments of contemplation that most of us pen our New Year’s resolutions. By identifying the mistakes we made in 2016, we can correct our behavior and hopefully have a better 2017. In between your sombre recollections of a year gone past, we’re here to remind you that the worst year ever had some good moments, too. Keep reading to learn about the top Xbox One games to come out last year and see if you missed any of them.


Overwatch will make it to the top of most lists, including PC and PlayStation. It’s hard not to like this fun, cute-looking first-person shooter. Relying on an interplay between 23 main characters, players have to work together with their teammates in order to secure and defend important areas on the map. In an unusual twist, teamwork is a more important attribute than marksmanship, making it a difficult yet amusing FPS for any skill level.

Battlefield 1

Released late in 2016, Battlefield 1 was a last minute addition to Microsoft’s catalogue that surprised a lot of players. It isn’t just another war-themed video game. DICE, the developers behind Batttlefield 1, made a point of highlighting the horrors of war by including storylines that lack happy endings, genuine characters thatfit in a moral grey zone, and strong graphics that convey the despairing backdrop of the war. With 5 possible storylines to explore in single-player mode and a multi-player battle available, it’s one of the better war-time shooters on the market.


The game from Playdead saw a strong showing in 2016, as its problem solving adventure game offered an engaging alternative to the many FPS that came out in the same year. In someways it’s a soft sequel to the previous Limbo, as it calls upon many of the same aesthetics and similar gameplay. Playing as a young boy in a dystopian future, you have to solve puzzles in order to escape guards and zombie-esque civilians.

Other Updates

Games weren’t the only updates on the docket for 2016. Microsoft released several new and improved software and hardware options last year too. Xbox Play Anywhere, backwards compatibility, and Xbox One S all made a strong showing. Xbox Scorpio isn’t slated to debut until the end of this year, but for those gamers who can’t wait for the new system, there are always vinyl Xbox One skins to revitalize its style. The designers at dbrand have curated a huge catalogue of interesting colors and textures to wrap your Xbox in, and it covers everything from the system and Kinect to its controllers. You can find Xbox One skins at and create a completely customized look with only a few clicks.

When 2016 was this good, we can only assume 2017 will have the same sort of impressive updates in store. Make your New Year’s resolution a pledge to catch up on the great releases of last year while keeping an eye for those slated for an imminent issue.